Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Humans of CIA

“ Why did you choose foodwhere is your idealism, or some of your aspirations?”
“ What made you choose the CIA?”
“ Where do you want to take your career?”

Stephanie Smida
Hometown: Lagrangeville, NY
Major: Baking and Pastry / Culinary Science

When I was in fifth grade, I came on a tour here. I was really amazed with everything I saw. I told myself this is where I wanted to go, and when I was deciding what I wanted to do, I still wanted to go here.

Location was a big part of choosing the CIA. I saw chefs teaching smaller amount of students, and I wanted more individual attention from the chefs themselves. 

Right now I am in Research and Development for Culinary Science. I want to focus on Dietary Restrictions such as gluten free, dairy free and vegan on a large production scale, which is slowly up and coming. 

Danny Seo
Hometown: Carmel, IN
Major: Culinary Arts
Growing up my dad was in the food industry. Culinary school was my second option, and pre-vet was my first option. I chose this instead of med school. So far I am very happy with my decision here. Also, growing up in high school, my family has always motivated me to go to culinary school. 

My oldest sister was one of my mentors—she gives really good advice. She's from New York, too, so she recommended it, and I usually listen to what she has to say. I live in Texas now, and there is a CIA campus there. I chose here because I trust my family’s opinion.

I want to see myself working in different restaurants, having a leader that I enjoy learning from, and being in a position where I can gain the most skills. 

Hernan Angarita
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Major: Culinary Science

I was working as a line cook in Venezuela. I was working with Edgar Leal, a CIA grad. We did events; I was his sous chef. He told me I should get some recognition worldwide and he said the CIA was the best choice. He referred me to here, and here I am.

I chose the CIA since it's the best school; there is no better school here on the continent. 

I want to drive away from the whole Michelin star concept. The modernist idealism is great, but it's different from every day eating. I want to make good foodwell-crafted foodwith simple, good, clear flavors. I'm going to use some of the cooking techniques I've learned here, such as fermentation, and apply them to Latin American cuisine.

Ezio Bertorelli
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela. 
Major: Business Management, Intrapreneurship Concentration

As a kid, the first real dinner I made was a really fancy dinner menu for 15 people. I had just turned 14 years old. When I cook I get this very strange feeling of very intense emotion. Nothing gives me this emotion in the same way, and I want to do it for the rest of my life.

I chose the CIA because I had graduated from culinary school in Italy and I decided I was too young to start my own business, so I decided to keep studying. So all the recommendations I had said come here.

In the future, I want to have my own restaurant. I still haven't decided what I want it to be. But it’s going to be very creative and the food will be inspired by art and nature. It’s going to be very different, not what everyone else is going to be doing. The food is going to be amazing. 

Kaylee Gill
Hometown: Woodriver, NE
Major: Baking and Pastry / Culinary Science 

I visited CIA at the end of junior year in high school and I loved it. I never considered baking a career until sophomore year; there are not many technical schools in the Mid-West. I’ve been interested in food from a young age. It was between University of Nebraska-Lincoln for food science, but I chose passion over that, and here I am.

I chose the CIA. Mainly I wanted to get out of Nebraska. I wanted to come to what’s donned as the best culinary school, for food and science. I wanted to just try something new.

My ultimate goal is hopefully something I enjoy and where I’m helping people at the same time.  I have always loved scienceand baking, the imperialism and science that baking has, I love. I am currently looking at, well, many things. I wanted to get back into fine dining, more on the test kitchen side. I externed at Blue Hill and I really appreciate what they're doing there. I grew up on a farm. I am hoping to introduce more affordable healthy foods because that's definitely lacking. 

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