Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Egg? A Good Source of Protein or an Amazing New Place For Students to Go On Campus?

As a student at The Culinary Institute of America, you don't think twice of hearing a new building being called "The Egg" because the egg itself is the basics to every food. The Egg at the new Student Commons is a ground breaking new hub for both baking and culinary students. This new facility is going to have a grab and go style of food along with "The Line", which is a production kitchen known for cranking out food at high speeds. The Egg is modern and sophisticated and will certainly be the new place to go on campus this fall.

The Egg is expected to be fully completed, with a grand opening ceremony this fall; specific dates will be announced later on. This past week I was able to sneak a peak of the new building on campus and take behind the scene pictures. When I walked in, I was truly blown away by the professionalism and the quality of work the school has done for its students. I was able to start my tour by going into the brewery, which is in partnership with the Brooklyn Brewery Company. This unique set up allows for brewing classes to be held inside and also allows students over the age of 21 to purchase handcrafted drinks from within.
Brooklyn Brewery Partnership With CIA

Brewing Tanks
The next stop on my tour was "The Line," this kitchen will be responsible for turning out plates at a fast pace for hungry students on campus. This kitchen is also known as K16, which is a production kitchen in Roth Hall but will be moving to The Egg when construction is complete. This is the last class you take before going on externship here at the CIA. The state-of-the-art kitchen is equipped with the finest equipment known to chefs, The Line has char grills, salamanders, deep fryers and all stainless steel Vulcan Appliances. The kitchen is also equipped with conduction and convection ovens, Induction burners built directly into the buffet style line, and a floor model Hobart mixer for all the baking needs. I can not wait to see these kitchens in use and imagine the food the CIA can cook in them.

"The Line"

State of The Art Kitchens

As I made my way through The Egg, I stumbled upon some luxurious couches and when I sat down they were everything I was dreaming of. The Egg has seven lounge areas with these luxury couches, arm chairs and cocktail tables for all your socializing needs. There is also a library with a free book exchange, a fireplace where you can read books while keeping warm, and a stage for open mic nights, karaoke, comedy shows, cooking demos and more. The Egg has everything you could possibly want -- from college entertainment, food, and comfortable couches. Just to name a few more incentives if you're not already hooked and counting down the days until The Egg opens, there is free high speed WiFi, state-of-the-art surround sound, and over 50 charging stations for all your electronic needs.

Inside The Egg

Me Enjoying The Luxury Couches
Charging Stations Everywhere

When I was on the tour of The Egg, something caught my eye and I walked over and it was a sparkling water station and it just blew my mind that us as students would have access to sparkling water with the push of a button for free. This new modern building is highlighting the direction the CIA is taking, as times change everything becomes more modern, starting with the Marriott Pavilion and now to The Egg. As you walk through the new doors you are immediately drawn to life-size trees scattered throughout the entire floor plan. I get excited just writing about this new experience, I can't imagine other students faces when everyone is allowed to see the newest building on campus with all its luxurious amenities. One of the biggest features is a market place for fresh and seasonal ingredients for students and faculty to purchase. These ingredients can be bought from The Egg and used to cook back in your residence hall kitchens with friends. Now, I know this is a lot to take in because there are so many new things happening but, I promise this new experience will be the focal point of the student life here at The Culinary Institute of America.
The Café

Finishing last Minute Touches

Life-Size Trees

My last stop on the tour of The Egg was The Cafe, This unique dining service is powered by Restaurant Associates, which is in partnership with the CIA. This complex kitchen is in the heart of The Egg, facing directly in the middle of anything and everything that is going on around it. The dining services here is similar to the Grab and Go concept and customizable options like, pizza, sandwiches, and sides. The existing Plaza Cafe will no longer be open when The Egg is opened later this Fall. The Cafe will take the place of the Plaza Cafe with more options for food. This tour was an amazing opportunity for a sneak peak of the newest building on campus and I am glad I get to share this experience with you guys. As the grand opening dates get closer I will keep you guys informed of more information that comes my way, until then contain your excitement for The Egg; it will be here before you know it.
"Grab & Go"

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