Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Robert Irvine—UPAC Event

Excitement was in the air as hundreds of people swarmed into Ulster Performing Arts Center. Robert Irvine was coming to Ulster County with his chef knives at his side, hungry to give his fans a show. Chatter buzzed through the crowd as CIA students were seen setting up the stage, gleaming at the opportunity to help the famous chef. After a brief ten minutes of tense anticipation, the lights gradually dimmed and out walked our main attraction.

With eager and voracious shouts, the crowd boiled over into pure excitement. Robert Irvine strutted the stage with staggering confidence and a proud smile. The show began with pleasantries; there was no doubt that he still had his cutting and witty British humor. His crowd roared with laughter as he responded to live tweets from the audience, giving an occasional, “I love you too” hashtag. Eventually, it was time to get down to what everybody wanted to see, how this world-class skills would be put to the test.

Out of the challenges that were presented, the most breathtaking one was “Utensil Shakedown.” Robert was handcuffed to a grown man, arms around waist style, giving him no option but to embrace him in a snug hug. The challenge name was due to the fact that his chef knife, strainer, and tongs could not be used while cooking this meal. Robert and his snuggly friend were in a fierce competition against a former CIA grad and a talented home cook. Food was flying around the stage and the crowd held their breath every time Robert had to finely slice, using a Robocoup blade. The clock ticked furiously, and sizzling and crackling of pains with hot oil echoed through the auditorium. His announcer left no sympathy as he announced the one-minute mark. Robert, instructing his companion with high authority, was intense to watch as ten seconds were left to construct the plate. In the end, he raced time and made the deadline. The CIA grad and partner won the taste test, but somehow the glory went all Robert’s way since he surpassed all obstacles while plating a beautifully composed entrée in fifteen minutes with mystery basket type ingredients.

After all of the excitement, Robert Irvine had one last message to convey to his fans. Not only does he carry a strong passion for food, but also giving back to the community and our armed forces is of great importance to his life. “If we all did one random act of kindness every day, out world would be an amazing place.” Robert Irvine announced this to each and every person in the crowd. Videos were on the screen afterwards showing the tremendous events he has done towards feeding out military and supporting their families.

Not only is he an amazing cook, but by the look in the crowd’s eyes, he had inspired each of us. Food is not only about fun and creativity, it is a way to support one another and show endless generosity. As my friends and I walked out of the auditorium, a smile of joy was spread across our faces. We strutted back into the world with a renewed inspiration. Yes, we had entered the best profession alive.

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