Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What's New on Campus?: August 2014

By student blogger Morgan

It's definitely time for another campus update! So much changed over the summer break that I hardly recognized the place when we got back. In a [very] shortened summation, here's what went on around here in August:

1.) The garden is a growin'

We have multiple gardens on campus including an herb garden on the piazza of our Italian restaurant, Caterina De' Medici, a brand new "beverage garden" in the Marriott plaza, plus many edible plants and flowers sprinkled throughout campus. The garden that springs up right by St. Andrew's circle, though, is by far my favorite.

Here they grow a number of different greens, tomatoes, squash, herbs, eggplant and even corn. The entire thing is boarded by these humongous sunflowers that I look forward to all year long!

2.) Res Life Events

Res life is back in full swing now that all the students are back on campus following summer break. The different halls trade off hosting fun events for students to attend on campus and win all kinds of crazy prizes. Most recently they had a 'Minute to Win It' challenge in which students had the opportunity to complete fun challenges in under a minute to win a $10 gift card of their choice.

3.) New Bachelor program: Applied Food Studies

There's a new bachelor's program in town! It's a shorter time commitment than the other Bachelor programs offered by the CIA and it has an emphasis on food's history through society and culture. Such interesting stuff, my gastronomy class here was my absolute favorite of the academic classes and this sounds to be along the same lines. Make sure you check it out!

4.) Epic ice bucket challenges for ALS

It might be the heat and extreme humidity we've been hit with late this summer, but the students and staff at the CIA are fully embracing the ALS ice bucket challenge phenomenon. Follow the link below to see our President accept a challenge from Thomas Keller, and two of the favorite culinary chefs get creamed by some of their students:


I saved the best for last, ya'll! Guess what's opened after break? The most beautiful new workout facilities of any culinary school anywhere. I absolutely guarantee it! As I've mentioned before, our Rec center has been undergoing a gigantic change all year. The final phase is slated to open in 2015 and will include such awesomeness as a brewery sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery and a food court. You'll have to be the ones to tell me how ridiculously cool that is, but for now....

A new front entrance!

A gorgeous cardio room with TV's on Every. Single. Machine. What. It's also the only exercise room on the planet where you'll find the majority of people are working out whilst watching food tv. #Irony?

A state of the art weight room with all the latest and greatest equipment. Plus an all purpose room for fitness classes, a class room for orientation and intramural sports meetings, our pool, basketball courts, racketball courts and BRAND NEW TENNIS COURTS in a new spot on campus by the lodges. So many new exciting fitness you think they're trying to tell us something??

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