Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Restaurant and Production Desserts

Welcome to Restaurant and Production Desserts class at the CIA, otherwise known as the class where everyone you know suddenly becomes amateur food photographers, but who can blame them when they have material like this to work with: 

The class is led by Chef Todd Knaster and it is a welcomed change of pace after the baking and pastry students spend six weeks in the fast paced and challenging environment of Apple Pie Bakery and Cafe. Students work in teams of four to create a different plated dessert to serve in our dining hall each day from start to finish. Lecture topics include the ins and outs of plating composition, how to make ice creams and sorbets with perfect texture, and what a balanced restaurant dessert menu looks like. Students learn how to quenelle, swoop, brush and run a pastry line professionally, all the while planning out their own work schedule.

It is the last stop in the bakeshops for the baking and pastry students, who then split in half and head off to the actual restaurants on campus. This class is meant to fully prepare them for the high stress of working on a pastry line in one of our two fine dining restaurants, Bocuse or American Bounty. It culminates in a dessert project where students work with a partner to create a one of a kind plated dessert, and serve it out of the bakeshop in the style of a restaurant. From chocolate and peanut butter to goat cheese and lavender, my class came up with some of the most creative desserts I've ever seen. I know I say it here all the time, but the further you get in the program, the cooler it is to look back and see how far you've come. My class constantly blows me away with their talent!

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