Friday, July 11, 2014

Library Learning Commons

As you may possibly know, one of the many great perks at The Culinary Institute of America is the Library Learning Commons on the top floor of the Conrad N. Hilton Library. It opened approximately 6 months ago and replaced the previous Learning Commons that was located in Roth Hall (which apparently was cramped, hot, and just simply avoided by most students). The new one is literally the opposite of that with several rooms, new computers, lots of table space and chairs, a prep table and cutting boards to practice knife cuts, and more!

Another perk are the (FREE) student tutors that are available during the entirety of the operation hours (Mon.-Thur.: 8am-11pm; Fri.: 8am-7pm; Sat.: 10am-5pm; Sun.: 12pm-9pm). The tutors are there as another way to study, go over homework, or simply explain topics that you didn’t really understand in class. In order to be a tutor you must have at least a 3.0 GPA and have gotten an A- or higher as the final grade for any class you want to tutor, so they are all responsible students who are comfortable with the material. On top of that you go through the typical hiring procedure of an interview as well as getting recommendations from some of your professors/chefs in the classes you want to tutor. The tutors also hold workshops for some of the harder classes where multiple students can study or learn together with a tutor in an organized fashion.

You can also come in simply to use the space to study or do homework as well as use the available computers. There are also rooms with doors that can be used for group meetings or to practice presentations that have white boards and even TVs to connect your computer to. Finally, there is a rather large space that is considered a quiet space where people can work in silence if they prefer that style of studying. There are granola bars, coffee, tea, and fruit for students to munch-on/drink while they work. Feel free to stop by to visit any of the tutors (including yours truly) or just to hang out and do some homework!

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