Friday, May 9, 2014

Home is Where the Heart is

By Student Blogger Stephanie Kirkland... 

Travel is the basis of this particular post. And about where food could possibly take you. Maybe I’ve been watching too much of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown on CNN, but increasingly I have become glued to the idea that there is no way I can further live out my life in its entirety without experiencing the food and hospitality that has been depicted throughout the world. It doesn’t help that I think I’ve always had the travel bug. Between pursuing and securing an extern site that was across the country in San Francisco, to taking every opportunity to plan a weekend getaway, I am already accustomed to the pursuit of different experiences and culture.  
I came across this phrase, “Sometimes you must leave your home, to find your home,” which could not be any truer to me. For no particular reason, I have been content with the decision to be separated from the area in which I grew up. It’s not like it’s such a trek away either, but situated in the great state of Pennsylvania. Just recently, I had been back after a five month stint away. And with less than two and a half days spent occupied with all too familiar roads, acquaintances, and memories – I was happy to make the trip back to school. The truth, is that I don’t identify with the place anymore. It does not though by any means lessen the love and respect that I have for my family and the many friends that I care about who still continue to live there. I simply am unidentifiable by the place that I choose to live, or not to live in.
I was, luckily, always encouraged to take any opportunity that I could to either travel or pursue something of interest. So as I stay intertwined with everything I read, and think about what I still have to see and do it leaves me as equally overwhelmed and excited about all of the possibilities there are to come. And with only eleven and half weeks until graduation, those possibilities only become greater and more and more realistic.
As the weather continues to warm in the Hudson Valley, I hope to re-visit, and discover even more about this area before, perhaps, I leave it for a time. The ability to take advantage of such an area is not only something that attracted me to The Culinary Institute of America, but something that I continue to seek out, even now. And maybe that’s another reason why I don’t need to miss home so much; the geography of the Hudson Valley is almost exactly the same to what I am used to: rolling hills, views of mountains in the distance, and filled with farms and agriculture. Maybe, this is home.   

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