Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What's New? Mar-pril Block

By student blogger Morgan

Another busy block has come and gone here at the CIA and this one saw some noticeable changes in the weather and amount of outdoor activities available. What's new this block is Spring!

-The Hudson River is completely ice free, as opposed to how it looked last block.

-Campus has started to green and bloom, drawing many more students outside to enjoy the nice weather. Every day I've noticed the campus getting more active; students play softball, soccer, go for a jog or simply relax on a blanket on one of our multiple grassy areas.

-The RA's and ResLife have held multiple fun events this block including a Pixar movie night with free food (what other college has a full baked potato bar and hand spun cotton candy at their movie nights?), an Easter egg hunt with the top prize being a laptop (!) and a free grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day. Every block the RA's work super hard to put together events for their residents, and now they're even organizing weekly meet and greets to get to know us even better. The lodge staff hosts a milk and homemade cookies night every Sunday!

-We had SGA elections this block and a new batch of students were elected to represent the student body

-We also had a Special Projects Day (SPD) this block which is a day off from normal classes, but each Chef assigns some type of project due like a report on a lecture or current event in the food industry. I went to two of the three lectures scheduled that week: No Farms, No Food and a discussion with CIA grad Charlie Palmer and his restaurant designer, Adam Tihany about opening a restaurant:

No Farms No Food was a viewing of a blurb-worthy documentary called The First Season in which a camera crew followed around a young family in their first season of organic dairy farming. It was followed by a panel discussion with the couple from the documentary, a 4th generation dairy farmer of Cabot Dairy products, Josh and Brent Beekman (The Fabulous Beekman Boys: winners of the Amazing Race and NY goat farmers), and a representative from Hudson Valley Fresh dairy products. They are joining together with American Farmland Trust to slow the definitely worth the hour of your time that it would take to watch the documentary, plus more perusing the website 

As always, this is just a sampling of what's going on around here through my eyes and there are many, many more fun clubs and events happening on a daily basis.

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