Monday, April 14, 2014

Lodge Livin'

by student blogger Morgan

The Lodges are a group of buildings on North campus where you have the option to live after returning to school post-extern. I've lived on campus my whole time at the CIA, plus I lived in school dorms for four years in college the first time around so I consider myself pretty well versed in cinder block cubicles. That said, the dorms in general at the CIA are waaaayyyy better than the average you find at most colleges. I lived in Pick Herndon Hall my first year here and loved it, but now that I'm in the lodges, it's hard to imagine life at the CIA any other way.

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You can read general information on the individual lodges (named for spices, of course!) at including floor plans and more pictures. So far I've found a few key advantages to living in the lodges myself:

1. The kitchens

I used the kitchens in the regular dorms exactly twice during my first year. Chalk it up to a variety of reasons- business, laziness, ill-preparedness- but I used the lodge kitchens twice in just my first six weeks of living here. They are far more convenient, much cleaner, and every room in the building has their own locker to stash cooking supplies (Yes, it's that moment you've been waiting for. Bring your Kitchen-aid to college!) I also love how open they are. On the weekends there's always a steady stream of students, clubs and RA's cooking for themselves and events.

2. The bathrooms

Okay, so this one is kind of a toss up. Depending on your set up (and roommates) you may be sharing a bathroom with three other people in the lodges versus only sharing with one other person in all other dorms besides Hudson. As long as you get along with your roommates I have not found this to be an issue at all. In fact, I feel like I have way more room. All the plumbing and fixtures are much newer and nicer than in the other dorms, the showers are separate from the sink/bathroom area, and there is a double vanity sink for ease of storage and coordinating schedules. There are four drawers and cabinets under each sink, plus plenty of room to add bins or drawers for added storage. Lodge suites are various combinations of singles and doubles, but all suites have one shared bathroom and a maximum of four students.

3. The location

At first I thought I'd be further away from classes being in the lodges instead of the regular dorms on campus, but I really don't notice a huge change. AND the proximity to the student parking lot more than makes up for a little bit of an extra walk to the library.

check out this campus map to see the individual building locations

4. Suite-style set up

My particular room in the lodges is two double bedrooms. This means that the door leading to the hallway opens up into a shared common area, a bathroom and two other doors each leading to a double bedroom. In the shared common area there is a countertop, cabinets and drawers that is the perfect spot to set up your microwave, fridge and store your food. The doubles in the lodges are slightly smaller than the doubles in the dorms, so I like having the extra storage space for items that clutter our room like the microwave, coffee pot, dishes, food etc.

5. Grills and decks

Each lodge has at least one patio and most have a large one with furniture and grills outside to cook and hang out when the weather is nice. It is finally feeling like Spring up here and the campus is starting to really come alive. The lodges are organized to have a real community feel and I can definitely feel it more now. I can't wait to use the grills and sit on those patios!

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