Thursday, March 20, 2014

What's New? : March Block

By student blogger Morgan

Things change quickly around here and I've been meaning to start a series on this blog to reflect that for a while now. Once a block (three weeks in real world time, one class in CIA time) I'm going to do a post on the happenings and news of the CIA campus. At any given moment, there are tons of exciting things happening around here and the plan is to do the best I can to keep you updated with my block-ly post. So, what's new on campus this March?

  1. The Hudson River looks like this:

....still. But we've had a warm week so hopefully winter is finally behind us!

2. We had a Chowdah cook-off two weeks ago, complete with a oyster shuck-off and eating contest

Fourteen student teams competed for the school's best chowder. Students visited each tent to sample the chowder and voted for their favorite. Winners were announced in a variety of categories including people's choice, best theme and overall best.

3. A new building just opened on campus named the Marriott Pavilion and it is b-e-a-utiful. When I first started as a student at the CIA, this building was a giant hole in the ground. It's been fun to see the process from start to finish!

The main hall has a mural of food related word-art and plaster versions of our favorite ingredients and tools.

The main purpose of the building is an auditorium for assemblies, speakers and graduations in this two story auditorium that is now the biggest on campus. 

4. Ferran Adria was invited to come for the opening of the Marriott Pavilion and speak about the projects going on at El Bulli Foundation, the food research park he has created in the wake of El Bulli's closing.

5. We have another construction project on campus at the student rec center. The whole thing is scheduled to open Spring 2015, but parts will be open as they're finished, like new weights, cardio and dance rooms. New this week- there's a wall up!

I believe this will eventually be the entrance to the new building that will house- in addition to all of the regular gym things and the pool- a brewery and a fresh foods market/cafe. Exciting things ahead for this building!

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