Thursday, March 13, 2014

On Campus Job Opportunities

By student blogger Stephanie Kirkland

I've been racking up campus jobs. I wish I could be the typical, apathetic student  wake up around noon, go to class for a few hours, go to lunch, go home, hangout  I WISH I could do that without feeling antsy or like I was wasting the day. And as much as I miss my bed throughout the day, I busy myself so I don't dwell on all the relaxation I could be participating in.

My first campus job was in the library, as a clerk. It was basically, the most prized job in my eyes because of the fact it was a quiet place that I could get all of my homework done – because I got paid to do it didn’t hurt either. 

I had my sights set on writing for the school newspaper too. Writing one article every three weeks didn’t seem like such a big deal at the time. But then again, maybe I just wanted to be involved in whatever I could and hone some talent that I saw in myself. I ended up being able to grow with the publication, and eventually held a position as Editor-in-Chief for a year. Acting as a student leader within such a position was an opportunity in which I don’t think I could have experienced anywhere else. It is also something I know will benefit me throughout my entire career, and adequately represents who I am, what I can achieve, and the extent of my passion and dedication.

I believe my shift was 9 a.m. - noon at the library in the beginning before I left on my extern and switched to 5 p.m. - 8 when I returned and my class schedule was different then it had been. I was able to make my work schedule around my classes and most times I’d pick up extra shifts just because. I also began working in the Publishing department of the CIA after extern too. Because of my interests in food media and publishing, I had been referred to the ladies in publishing, and was given opportunities that I could not have received on campus in the same capacity as they have been able to offer me. 

What I find so intriguing about the department is that they single-handedly run a show that incorporates book design, recipe testing, photo studio, styling, editorial and conversion work with five women at the helm, with us student workers and externs readily willing to complete a multitude of tasks on tight deadlines. 

With my gained knowledge of skills acquired in the library, through the school newspaper and publishing department, I was able to surround myself and continue to learn about all kinds of things I would have been unaware of otherwise. 

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