Friday, March 7, 2014

Guess Where? Round 4

by student blogger Kristin

I am very excited to see that some of you are still enjoying these “Where am I?” blogs and have even started guessing at my location! To my great joy, a few of you were able to pin point the location of these peppers to the front of Roth Hall. In fact, in front of our magnificent flagship building there are many planters containing fruits and vegetables that accentuate the buildings natural beauty. All of the planters are scattered over the beautiful Anton Plaza, a large open area located in from of Roth Hall. Come the spring and early summer months, I love sitting on the marble benches on Anton and enjoying the warm rays of the sun, the gentle noises of the fountain, and of course, the beautiful views of the scenery.

This week’s CIA themed picture brings us back inside one of the buildings on campus (I would tell you which but that would give it away). The theme of this week’s intriguing picture is:


No meal is quite complete without the perfect beverage by its side. We all know this is true and there is no bigger supporter of this theory than the CIA. In fact, the CIA believes this so strongly that different beverage education courses are worked all throughout the curriculum, whether it be the associate degree or your bachelor's.

Going through the associate degree in both Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry Arts, students are required to take a wines course. This three week class encompasses wine varieties and regions from all over the world! Learning such a large portion of another culture is an amazing experience (conducting different tastings isn’t half bad either!). For the Culinary Arts students, this overall knowledge of wines is put to the test when they perform as the Front of House serving staff in one of the many restaurants on campus.

The beverage world really opens up to students within the Bachelor's Program. There are multiple courses involving beverage knowledge, history, management, and even costing. Throughout my Bachelor's Degree, I have been involved in three of these courses: Advanced Wines; Spirits and Mixology; and Brewed: History, Culture and Production of Beer. Having these courses throughout the Bachelor's program is not only a fun way to fulfill an elective requirement. These courses teach students how to plan beverage menus that will complement certain foods and budgets. This information is priceless for anyone intending on opening up a restaurant.

I thought this picture of a wine cellar was a perfect representation of the beverage culture here at The Culinary Institute of America. As can be well represented by the picture, students are taught not only about the highest quality beverages but also about a wide range of styles. Looking at the background of this picture makes it easier to appreciate just how many wine variations CIA students are required to know!

If you know where this classic styled wine cellar is located, please leave your guess below!


  1. Great guess David! You are correct! This is the wine cellar that is part of the beautifully classic architecture of American Bounty. The wine cellar actually acts somewhat like a barrier to separate the bar and lounge area of American Bounty from the main dining room. But there will be more to come in the next post!