Saturday, March 8, 2014

Confectionery Arts Class at the CIA

by student blogger Morgan

I have been looking forward to this class ever since I first pressed my nose up against the cake-adorned windows of Bakeshop 5 during my tour as a prospective student. The glitz and glamour that is the showpiece side of our industry is no doubt what so many chef hopefuls come to the CIA to learn. Endless Food Network TV shows highlighting all of the creative uses of sugar and chocolate have done so much to inform the casual observer of what pastry chefs do every day and inspire kids to enter into this industry. Confectionery arts is a big part of pastry and although we didn't actually make anything edible in this class, we sure did make a lot of pretty-ness out of edible materials. So without any further ado, allow me to share with you the literal 'eye candy' that comes out of Bakeshop 5 at the CIA:

Sugar and chocolate showpieces from our very first four days of class.

We were assigned a Valentine's Day themed piece but had full creative license over how to arrange and color the chocolate.

Gumpaste flower spray made entirely out of sugar.

One of our final projects was designing and decorating a three tiered cake in buttercream using any of the mediums we had learned in the class. They are delivered down to Farqueson Hall to sit on the stage during the graduation banquet every three weeks. 

The cakes from my class all lined up.

Our second final project was creating one of those dummy cakes that sit in the bakeshop window lookin' pretty. The designs are assigned and the cakes are built in teams of two over two classes.

And then they, too are sent down to sit center stage at a graduation banquet. The CIA instagrammed (@theculinaryinstituteofamerica) this awesome photo of the finished cakes that students are working on above:

Confectionery Arts is an awesome class and the perfect first stop at the CIA after externship. Not only did we get to experiment with decorating mediums that I might never have had the opportunity to elsewhere, but we got to apply design principals to real life cakes and carry the whole process out. Cake decorating is one of my first and strongest pastry loves and this class was everything I wanted it to be!

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