Thursday, February 27, 2014

What Not to Wear: CIA Edition

By student blogger Morgan

Surprisingly enough, one of the most frequently asked questions of our admissions department is what the students wear around campus on an average day. Things like , "What qualifies as 'college-kid' business casual?", and "What do you wear besides chef whites?" to name a few. Our dress code here is pretty strict, and you must be in uniform or business casual to be seen in an academic building or served food. To be totally honest, I usually just bum around in my chef whites whenever I have to go to main campus because it's the easiest and I'm still in the AOS program. For the BPS students or any AOS who are feelin' fancy, there are definite guidelines for what qualifies as business casual - generally speaking and what is specific to our culture here.

First off, our uniform:
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  • White Jacket
  • Checkered pants
  • Black non-slip shoes
  • Black or white socks
  • White neckerchief
(not required outside of kitchen or bakeshop)
  • toque
  • apron
  • side towel 
Day to day, this is what 75% of our student body looks like. Lately, (because it's cold and snowy!) a lot of students spice up their uniform with a scarf, ear muffs or gloves, but these have to be taken off to be served a meal from most kitchens. 

Infinity scarves and knit scarves are popular and these days most students are wearing winter coats over top of their whites as well. 

For more info on our uniform policy, visit our webpage devoted to it here.

Next up, Business Casual:

This understandably varies a LOT depending on what you're comfortable wearing and what your own style is. One of my favorite things about the CIA is that it is (quite literally) a mixing pot, and you're sure to get a little bit of everything. Fashion is definitely no exception. The bachelor's students wear everything from bow ties to khakis and everything in between. That said, there is definitely a successful way to go about business casual here and I'll break it down into some do's and don'ts that you can apply to your own wardrobe. 

  • Invest in a nice pair of all-purpose flats for the ladies or casual dress shoes for the guys 
  • Be comfortable, always! You're sitting in class, they don't expect you to over do it.
  • Wear khakis, corduroys, chinos, or any other type of pants that aren't jeans in however fancy of a fabric you feel good in.
  • Wear skirts and dresses or vests and collared shirts. Not all BPS students are fans of the fancy, but if you are then go for it!
  • Wear heals or boots if that's your jam, plenty of people do!
  • Wear jewelry. I never thought I'd miss wearing even my plain stud earrings but I do! 
  • Wear leggings, jeggings or yoga "pants" as business casual. They are not pants.
  • Wear open toed shoes or flip flops
  • Wear jeans or any other kind of colored denim (guilty trying to pass that one off...)
  • Wear a questionable hemline. If you have to wonder, it's too short.
  • Wear shoes that aren't comfortable...we do a LOT of walking around here no matter what program you're in
Any student AOS or BPS has to follow this dress code anytime we are in the following buildings around campus:
  1. Roth Hall
  2. School of Baking and Pastry
  3. The Admissions Center
  4. Marriot Pavillion (when it's opened...I'm assuming)
  5. McCann Education Annex (where some academic classes are held)
  6. The Restaurants (personally, I'd feel uncomfortable walking in there in sweats but I guess its not required!)
We do not have a dress code for the library, the gym, the Plaza Cafe, or any of the dorms. So feel free let it all hang out at any of these places. We take professionalism seriously here but for good reason! When it comes to getting dressed in the morning in general just remember these wise words of Oscar Wilde: "You can never be over dressed or over educated." 

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