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The Saving the Planet Experiment- Week #2 Progress

Growing Week from 2/6-2/12
by student blogger Kristin

Hello again! As promised at the end of last week’s progress, the second week of this experiment proved to be very busy for my plants. In fact, there was so much going on this week that I can break down this post for you day by day. This way it’s organized and easy to literally watch my plant grow as you scroll down the page! Without further ado, week #2.

Day 8- February 6th
When I woke up on day 8 of this experiment, I was so excited to see how my little sprouts were fairing. To my great surprise, they were not my little sprouts any more. Overnight, they had progressed from white nubs just peeking over the surface of the soil to half inch tall bright green stalks. I was excited to see that they were progressing so beautifully but knew this would probably be the week for transplanting. I started thinking of a plan but watched their progress.

Day 9- February 7th
Day 9 progressed at the same speed as day 8 with one main difference. As I was examining my now 1 ½ inch tall stalks, I noticed that one of them was turning brown. I immediately freaked out assuming that it was dying. However, it was just the very tip of the shoot so I watered the plants in an attempt to save them. I then started to do some research on the likeliness of discoloration in the blue jade plant. By the time my research told me that this was common, the color in the plant had spread and become a beautiful ruby red.

Day 10- February 8th
On day 10 of growing, my corn had finally started to look like traditional plants! They began to spread their leaves and grow taller. They also gained more green color, meaning they were healthy and getting enough sunlight to mature. With all this activity happening on the surface however, I knew that there must be a lot going on with the roots under the soil. I knew that this would be the last day that the corn could stay in their original planters. It was time to give them a bigger home.

Day 11- February 9th

Transplanting day was a big day for both the corn and for me. I acquired a long rectangular planter from a friend of mine that would be the perfect size for the growing corn stalks. I filled it with a mix of seed starter potting soil and all-purpose potting soil and dug holes to put my growing stalks into. As I took the corn out of their planters, I was surprised by what I saw. The roots, to my surprise, had penetrated all the way to the bottom of its container! Not only that but they had begun to form a kind of webbing around the edges of the soil. It seems that I decided to transplant at the right time, the roots had obviously started to look for new territory. Once the plants were happily in their new home, I watered them and moved on to the seeds sprouting in the paper towels.

To my surprise and excitement, the seeds had grown significantly. They were not only growing but the roots had begun to nest themselves into the paper towels. Heading the opposite direction of the roots was a small but noticeable sprout just beginning to turn a light shade of green. I was so excited! Although it took a little bit more time and experimentation, sprouting the corn seeds in paper towels had worked! These newly growing seeds took their place in the soil next to their traditionally grown brothers and began their journey to break the soil’s surface. I learned a lot this day and was pleasantly surprised at the rewards of having grown my own plants.

Day 12- 14: February 10th- 12th

For the next few days, I monitored the corn to make sure they were taking to their new home. I continued to give them plenty of water and sunlight to ensure they would be happy and healthy. After the first few days, the plants have grown significantly and have continued to spread their leaves. They have grown about 3 inches while in their new planters and are now standing at an impressive 6 inches tall! They continue to mature at a fast pace so I am excited to see its progress in week 3! 

First Day after Transplant
Finale to Week 2

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