Monday, February 24, 2014

Guess Where? Round 3

by student blogger Kristin

I decided to give you all a little bit more time to think about that second picture and still no guesses! Either I’m really sneaky or maybe the majority of you reading have never had the pleasure to visit campus. If this is the case, I hope you are enjoying this somewhat bizarre tour of the CIA!

This beautiful clock tower is located right between the Conrad Hilton Library and Hudson Hall, the freshman dormitories. The clock stands tall in the cross section of many different pathways leading to and from the library and up to Roth hall. Basically, the beautiful clock tower is in the perfect place for students who need to be mindful of the time, either running to class or starting to study.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I overlooked this clock for years! I did not have the pleasure of living in Hudson Hall so did not pass this clock as much as other freshman would but it definitely taught me a lesson to open my eyes. Now, the square containing this clock is one of my favorite places to sit and study come the warm weather in the spring!
The Clock Tower is pictured here at the Veteran's Day Celebration

Which is a perfect introduction to this week’s picture. Because I have a growing suspicion that most of you have not been able to visit CIA, I want to use these pictures to show you some of the cool things you may not be able to find out online. This week’s picture represents something I found to be extremely interesting about the CIA when I started here and is something you would never think about. This week’s theme is:


When I first started at the CIA, it was the end March and the beginning of a beautiful spring season. As the weather began to get warmer, the campus and all its landscaping truly came alive. I loved walking around and watching the progress of the blooming plants throughout the month. However, as I began to look closer at the plant life on campus, I noticed something different. Every plant that I had been looking at started to bear fruits and vegetables. It turns out that the CIA landscapes with food! I had been told that the CIA is really ALL about food but this was extremely impressive.

So, this beautiful picture of bright and colorful peppers may seem to be straight out of a gardening magazine but it is in fact a bit of landscaping on the CIA campus. Although there are planters all over campus, these peppers are located in a very important spot on campus. If anyone can take a stab at this one, leave it in the comments on the bottom!

Here’s a hint: if you look closely at the picture, a point of reference can barely be seen in the background!


  1. Great guess Tom! You are correct! These peppers are part of a planter that is on anton plaza on our Hyde Park campus. There will be more information to come at the beginning of the next guess where post!