Friday, January 10, 2014

When Kevin Zraly Came to Town!

by student blogger Leah

So I guess influential food figures like coming to visit us here in Hyde Park. Maybe it's the ethereal smells in the baking building. Maybe its the doughnuts at Apple Pie Cafe. Or maybe its the weather... its most definitely not the weather. Whatever it is that brings cool people to our midst, we treasure having them here. And yesterday Kevin Zraly braved the single digit temperatures to share some wine, laughs, and advice with the CIA community.

Practical Advice from Kevin Zraly

1. Keep your business in compliance with the laws.
2. Authors don’t make a lot of money, sometimes about $1/book...most authors publish books as a true labor of love. So give them a little love and buy their books.
3. Watch the movies, Bottle Shock and Sideways.
4. Match your consumption of alcohol with portions of water, one for one.
5. No one is an expert on wine. No one ever has been, and no one ever will be. There is too much to know.
6. When chefs and sommeliers work together, they can create striking harmony where the food and wine are equal in importance, allowing the parts to be stronger together than they ever were individually.
7. When you have four children, then you deserve to travel around the world to 20 countries while you taste 7,000 wines. Just be sure to designate a driver.
8. Today is the Golden Age of Wine.
9. You must study and be passionate about your career.
10. After three glasses of wine, we all speak the same language.
11. Even when your fickle mind tempts you with contradictory suspicions, the glass is always half full.

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