Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the eight days of gratitude

by student blogger Leah

Day 8:

A list on buzzfeed tonight felt poignant as it described the emotions associated with graduating that range from anticipation to apathy and then to disdain, all in extreme forms.

The clock is ticking on my days left at CIA as a student and I resolved today amongst this torrent of emotion to share three things I am grateful for at CIA each day until I graduate in an effort to restore some sanity or at least experience more gratitude. There might be pictures and there might be links, who really knows. All I can promise is that it will be honest.

For today...
#1 Irena Chalmers
We spoke this evening about my plans for life after graduation, and at this point talk about my plans is an awfully short conversation. Personal circumstances changed 2 tiny weeks ago and now I'm back to the drawing board---she gave me assurance and practical advice while also making me laugh in the process. If you would like to experience a bit of Ms. Chalmers for yourself, she has just released a new book that is intensely authentic.

#2 Toasted Bagels and Cream Cheese
Apple Pie Bakery Cafe makes a deliciously soft bagel with spices on the top and the bottom, so there is no disappointment when you eat the top of your everything bagel that has all the seasoning and then you forget that you are eating an everything bagel because the bottom of your bagel is completely plain. Cream cheese snuggles into the crevices of a bagel so perfectly, I believe they were made for each other.

#3 my librarian friend
He is consistently helpful and never laughs at my annoying questions. I wish a friend like him on every single soul on this earth.

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