Sunday, January 12, 2014

eight days of gratitude

by student blogger Leah

Day 3:

Graduation is close and the responsibilities are increasing but I still stole a few moments today for the good stuff.

#1 Good Roommates
An intimate relationship between people that depends on a mutual respect, a desire to communicate effectively, and an ability to compromise. When it works out, you find yourself with a convenient dinner companion, brainstorming partner, fashion consultant, relationship counselor, listener, and friend.

#2 Brown Butter Brownies
Need I say more?

photo credit Bon Appetit online

#3 E-mail
Offers a way to contact professors on the weekend. If they are the cool professors who sympathize with your neurosis about graduating and actually believe in your success, then they will respond to your obnoxious messages regarding the paper you should've written weeks ago.

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