Saturday, January 11, 2014

eight days of gratitude

by student blogger Leah

Day 6, 5, & 4 (three things for each day):

I didn't stop being ungrateful for the last three days, but I did stop writing about it. I'm back, so let's do this.

#1 Naps
The couch in the upstairs "quiet" room of the library makes a perfect place for cuddling into your parka and shutting your eyelids. Just don't snore.

#2 Dinner Parties
Coconut curry shrimp, Chinese noodles, Indian candy, roasted veggies, and bread pudding (flavored with pistachios, cashews, and cardamom). Dinner parties with cooks are one of the many reasons to keep us as your friends, but if we are having a dinner party together then we are all expected to cook. This was not a cheap excuse for free catering.

#3 Lacey
Down to earth, straightforward, sarcastic, charming, and smart. She is one of the many gems who hangs out at the Tutoring Center in the library under the guise of a tutor. Those tutors should really wear capes because in reality, I think they're all off-duty superheroes. Tonight, she hosted a group review for my history final. She will make the list again next week if she decides to clone a miniature version of herself that will consult me from my pocket during the actual test.

#4 Fashion
Business casual can be a real inconvenience on the days when sweat pants sound ideal, but on days like today---I'm happy we have a dress code. Business casual can offer a great platform for people to express themselves. There was a particularly high concentration of students today who embraced the professional personal wardrobe principles and made me smile with their beautiful outfits.

#5 Carrot Cake
Cream cheese frosting bordering on excess, nuts, grated carrots, and a slightly sweet cake.

#6 Hugs
When you want them, there's nothing better in the world.

#7 Brainstorming
Good old-fashioned collaboration with someone stimulates your brain and flexes your creative muscles. Once you get past the initial fear that you'll say something not-smart, then you will quickly sink into the excitement of sharing your thoughts with someone and knowing that they're listening. When they take your idea and make it a little better or take it one step further, then you start to feel like a genius. The best part? Instead of experiencing the pride and excitement alone, you have a partner in crime.

#8 Roasted Cauliflower Soup
Crispy bacon lardons and golden roasted cauliflower decorated the top of my bowl of creamy soup at Apple Pie Cafe today. The answer that I didn't even know I was looking for to my cold, rainy day.

#9 Grapefruits
'tis the season!

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