Thursday, December 19, 2013

our dishwashers

by student blogger Leah

Smoothies occupied a great deal of my attention in elementary school. The seemingly mysterious result that would occur from ingredients hardly ceased to amaze me.

The dirty blenders, paring knives, cutting boards, and juicers quickly ceased to impress my mom. I would mix peanut butter, strawberries, frozen guava paste, milk, and chocolate chips wouldn't have the texture that I dreamed of, so I would leave it in the sink as a casualty of my experimentation while I slunk off defeated and guilty enough to do homework.

My mom would always wash those dishes.

Two months ago when I was home, we fell into our assumed roles again where I descended upon our kitchen in a fury and she cleaned up the pieces. This time, the culprit was mini pecan pies.

I snuck out the door, and swiped a tear from my face as I recognized the history that was being repeated. She is tireless in her efforts to support me. Just as I suspected when I came home later that weekend, my dishes were cleaned.

Life is constantly about balance and I would be base to argue that my mom and I have reached any sort of balance. Balance implies a mutual benefit to both sides.

I will argue that dishwashers are the legs to support any cook. Restaurant kitchens, bakeries, homes, and church suppers all have dishwashers. Cooks would be defenseless against hunger without their dishwashers. They're the unsung heroes of food.

Do what you can to restore a bit of the balance today, hug your dishwasher and make sure their belly is full.

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