Monday, September 9, 2013

smell that?

by student blogger Leah

Apple Pie Café on campus serves truffle parmesan fries that are according to my cousin, “the best fries I think I’ve ever had. I just can’t get enough.” It’s not even the perfect cheese or the expensive truffle that made her love these fries because both flavors are very light. The potatoes are cooked perfectly. It’s simple, really. Fluffy, creamy insides and beautiful golden brown exterior.

photo credit: Tom and Jolie

What I remember about sharing these fries with her last week is the distinct smell that accompanied them as they arrived at the table. As the fries were set on the table and I took a breath in, I was back on extern.

photo credit: Argus Guide

At the Inn at Little Washington, when a guest ordered the tasting menu or was a VIP, we would send them truffled popcorn that would fill the entire kitchen with the smell of truffle oil. The experience was almost jarring because smell has this transformative impact where you can recall a memory so strongly that it feels like a collision between the past and your current reality. I have experienced this sensation before with perfume or flowers, but I am still in awe at how powerful smell is.

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