Sunday, September 8, 2013

Poughkeepsie's Italian Festival

by student blogger Leah

When the road that I was driving on today was blocked by a moon bounce, I obviously pulled over on the next street so that I could investigate the occasion. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cash on me and my belly was full. So I just took pictures while listening to the music and watching people dance.

These pictures do a pretty poor job of conveying how comfortable and joyful the atmosphere was, and I apologize that I couldn't see what I was taking pictures of on my phone because the sun was so bright. Today was one of those beautiful, early fall days where the Hudson Valley really comes into her own.

The food smelled incredible and everyone looked happy. There were raw oysters, sausage and peppers, pizza, pasta, fried dough, and plenty of red wine. There were carnival games and lots of long tables set up where people were gathering to share food. This annual festival celebrates Italian heritage with games and food because well—why not?

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