Monday, August 19, 2013

zoom zoom zumba

By Student Blogger Leah

As a woman in the 21st century, I felt a responsibility to take part in this cardio meets booty shakin’ ritual. I don’t entirely know why, and don’t read into this desire as something feminist or sexist or genderist or anything –ist. It was just a desire simply rooted in figuring out what all the hype was about.

Zumba has been a buzzword in gyms and fitness clubs all across the country in the last couple years. I’m not quite sure when the craze started, nor do I frankly care. The history is unimportant to me at this point because I am consistently curious about what the masses find interesting, and zumba happened to catch my eye as a trend to investigate. I also happen to love dancing, so it was a natural attraction.

The student recreation center on campus offers a zumba class among so many other fitness classes that are held both in the afternoon and at night in order to accommodate the varying schedules. These classes are totally free for students. By free, I really mean it is included in your tuition. When I found out that my friend Matt was teaching a zumba class tonight, I had to go because a.) I’m a big fan of Matt’s and b.) It’s free.

I didn’t snap any photos, although I had my camera with me in the event that it might be appropriate. It was not appropriate because it was very personal. The dance studio was packed with leggings and sports bras, while we danced our hearts out. I know that I looked like a fool because I was watching myself in the mirror, but I didn’t have time or energy to care about what anyone else was doing which is a statement intended to give you courage to try out zumba. People aren't going to waste time watching you or judging you because they are too busy trying to keep track of their feet and arms.

The music was just the right amount of loud and the beat was the perfect tempo for jumping around and sweating through your shirt. If all trends are this much fun then I have a lot of investigating to do in the name of fun.

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