Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Love at First Sight

Hello there!

My name is Kristin and I’m a current bachelor’s student in the coolest major I could ever dream of: Culinary Science. I have been at the Culinary Institute of America for over two years now, and completed my associate’s degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. I debated what to make this first post about, but decided it’s always good to start with the basics. This is the story of how I found myself in love with the Culinary Institute of America.
After finishing high school, I did what every graduate is “supposed” to do. I headed to the most prestigious college I could get my hands on in hopes of becoming the next big name in American business. This was the road that I was supposed to take, but my heart was not in it. I did not want to be just a business woman but wanted to do something artistic with my hands. After all, I always thought that if I am going to have my career for the rest of my life I might as well enjoy it. I tried to convince myself that I could earn a degree in business and then fight my way into the Culinary World, after all how hard could it be?
Needless to say, this plan failed. I was only 2 semesters through college when I realized that I was approaching the whole thing backwards and I was already looking for a way out. It was then that a suggestion from my high school art teacher came into mind. She had told me that with my love of art, my strength in math and science, and my natural curiosity in food, I should look into the Culinary Institute of America.
As I did my research, I found that the CIA had a little bit of everything I wanted. Of course it had the necessities that every parent wants to find at a good college: dorms, campus safety, etc. But the CIA was so much more. This college that revolved around food also had a student recreational center (where I later found, joined, and now captain the women’s volleyball team), student clubs and activities, and lecture series given by some of the world’s most renowned chefs. I was already falling in love with this school but tried not to get my hopes up too high for CIA had one more test to pass: the campus visit.
Being only two hours away, my mom and I were able to visit campus the next day. I stepped foot onto Anton Plaza covered in a light dusting of newly fallen snow and looked up into the grandiose face of Roth Hall. I had finally found my school. After seeing the rest of campus on tour, I was sold and immediately applied for the baking and pastry program.
Now, more than two years later, I am pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree as a member of the Culinary Institute’s very first Culinary Science major. I am still greatly involved with many clubs and activities on campus and live everyday feeling lucky to be here.
So, as the newest CIA student blogger I hope to bring you this:
-          An insight on all things that make the CIA the world’s premier culinary college and not just some ‘cooking school’
-          True happenings on campus
-          What it means to be a student (and a student athlete) at a school that is all about food
-          I hope to portray to you what it means to be a student at the CIA to a student who has learned (through hard work and some failures I admit) to do it all and get the most that CIA can give you.
Hope you enjoy!


  1. How do you like the science program so far? I'm slated to start in the end of september myself and am curious to hear how it is form someone that's right in the middle of it. Is there still a good portion of time spent in the kitchen? Or is it more analyzing in the classroom? Thank you!

    1. Hey Peter! Its great that you are interested in the Culinary Science Program, I'm always happy to hear the program is growing. We spend almost all of our time in the kitchen actually. We conduct hands on labs with food in order to get a better understanding of the science behind cooking. It is hands on and very scientific but its a lot of fun too! Hope this was helpful!

  2. Hello Kristin! I've been looking more into the Culinary Science Program, and I'm beginning to think it's the right fit for me. I'm curious as to what job opportunities would be available upon graduation with this degree, whether it would be at a company developing products or at a restaurant such WD50. In your opinion, what options does this degree give you? Thanks!

  3. Hello Kaylee,
    To be honest you can do either after graduating with this degree! The great thing about the way that the degree is set up is that we get to experience a bit of everything from research and development techniques to ingredient functionality. I personally have not even decided which direction to move in yet but I feel that whichever way I do choose to go I will be more than prepared. Hope this helps! And since I have so many questions about the program, be on the lookout for a "day in the life of a CIA culinary scientist" post coming soon! Hopefully that will give you a better feel for things!