Monday, August 5, 2013

free n' easy

By Student Blogger Leah

My car found itself in the gravel parking lot at the Walkway Over the Hudson today, so I figured I would get out. My black flats came off and I looked completely out of place in my business casual dress.

I had only ever known one house and one hometown before I moved to Poughkeepsie, NY. After arriving here, my heart wanted to join me but it called Virginia home and that was okay with me.

Today as I walked across the bridge like I have done many times before (because its totally free, unless you want to park in the deluxe gravel lot on the weekend then it costs a whopping $5), something was settling into place within me. The sounds of the highway slipped away and the occasional roar of the train faded. My ears were filled with the whipping of the wind and the conversations of my fellow bridge walkers. There were young lovers in jeans cut-offs tangling their fingers, babysitters with their unruly charges, bikini babes with sunglasses, grandmas with wispy curls, two dogs on one leash, two girls in one stroller that was too small for even just one of them, moms with ankle tattoos who watched over reckless kids on tricycles, boys on bikes with too much cologne, and I even saw a Red Sox hat. I found myself loving these people and loving this place.

I took the above pictures almost three years ago when I first arrived at CIA. I was on a bike riding farm tour with a group of fellow CIA students that was either 13 miles or 26 miles…I won’t commit to either number though because I don’t really care how far we traveled and I don’t like fake numbers. What I remember was how stunning the Walkway looked that fall day. Today there were five clouds total in the sky and about five times as many walkers but the Walkway was just as stunning.

Even if I never have another permanent residence in Virginia, I will always call that state my home. However as I joined the people of Poughkeepsie today, I started to believe that maybe a bit of my heart has joined me here and has decided to call this place home too.

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