Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 2 of New Student Orientation

by student blogger Leah

As a institute that embraces innovation, the CIA is constantly changing. I like to believe that I’m an easy-going person and I surprise myself at school when I become frustrated over the relocation of a kitchen that serves meals. I grit my teeth at an office that does administrative work in a new building now and I need their signature, or any number of changes that are constantly evolving here at CIA.

Somehow, I feel less frustration at a diner who forgot to mention a severe garlic allergy and now their entire meal needs to be re-cooked…that sort of change I adjust to quickly. I can’t explain these things but I desperately wish that I could.

So one of the major changes that CIA has undergone while I have been here in three years is the complete reorganization of the AOS classes. We could argue which program is better or cooler or smarter. But the reality is, things have changed.

I know very little about the new AOS program, other than its intentions were to create a more balanced, well-rounded schedule for students that allowed material to be delivered over an extended period of time (not exactly sure what that time is…sorry) rather than the 3 week classes that were part of the old system. There are also new classes that were added to the curriculum that are focused on wellness, and I am so down with that. As cooks, we are tempted to invest all our energy in work or food. But I believe that our potential could skyrocket if we are well-oiled machines because we are only as good as the sum of our parts. With our bodies, minds, spirits, and brains taken care of--- we could be unstoppable. Some might even say, we could change the world.

There is a new orientation schedule that lasts about a week and on the second day, there is a new tradition that I witnessed on Tuesday as the creepy girl with the camera: the Toque-ing Ceremony. I am so happy I was there. Here’s what went down…

Chef Velie, Dean
• Your image=our image
-Respect the CIA name and wear it with pride

• “A cuisinier is judged worthy to wear La Toque Blanche only through his perfect workmanship.” –George Auguste Escoffier

History of CIA
started in 1946 to offer job training for returning WWII veterans
• Frances Roth
-Founder, contributions, history
• CIA was a project supported by FDR
• 50,000 graduates worldwide, the family is big
• We recognize military service
-students have military pins to indicate their branch of the service

History of the Uniform
• Explanation and significance of the uniform
- Double breasted jacket, side towels, aprons, toques
• Paul Bocuse
- Contributions, relevance, legacy
• Auguste Escoffier
- Contributions, relevance, legacy

Uniform Specifics
• Black shoes, nonslip, supportive, 1 inch back on your shoes
• Checked pants, hemmed, well fitting
• No key chains
• CIA issue 4 way apron
• Everything pressed and clean
• Leave toque, side towel, apron in the kitchen when you leave the kitchen
• Double breasted CIA issue jacket—one fold at wrists
-Protect your arms
-maintains your clean, professional image
• Neckerchief
• Toque sitting squarely on head
• Hair should never be touching your collar

Student’s Free Response: Reason for Coming to CIA
• love food
• the name
• learn more here than working in kitchen

• Students stand and place their toques on their heads
• Exit the ceremony and shake hands with the deans

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