Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chopstick Test

by student blogger Leah

On my way to lunch, I walked past my old Cuisines of Asia kitchen where it happened to be one of my most memorable days of that class. It is important to Chef Cheng that everyone knows how to properly use chopsticks before leaving her class, so everyone must demonstrate their chopsticking prowess by passing her Chopstick Test.

The test is simple really. A small quantity of varied items must be transferred from one plate to another with chopsticks. You are also timed and will receive chidings from Chef if you are not within her designated window of time. I have not deciphered the magic of her discipline yet but it firmly corrects you and gives you hope. She induces a sense of guilt for not doing it right the first time but also demands that you understand your mistake. What you are left with is this insatiable desire to do it right henceforth and never disappoint her again. There is also an unspoken, mutual understanding that she believes you can do it right, and so you must. It’s magic, I tell ya.

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