Wednesday, August 7, 2013

a pretty happy hour

By Student Blogger Leah

photo credit: Alecia

I don’t even know where to start because I’m so captivated by these colors. It's difficult to focus on words when orange, blue, indigo, black, gold, and pink are swimming around together like that. It’s absolutely stunning.

I am also distracted by the memory of the night this picture was taken where I munched on calamari and Ahi tuna salad with a friend over cocktails.

For those CIA students who decide to partake in alcoholic beverages, I have noticed a trend: they care.

Now, this gets tricky when you are trying to impress a date with a bottle of wine because it is entirely possible (and in my case, very likely) that your companion knows more regions in France, more varietals from California, and which vintages were best for particular vineyards in South America. This food knowledge factor overwhelms me because then I have to rely on things like a good knock-knock joke to win a second date. However, it also makes my eyes a little foggy because I know that I’ve found my tribe and these are my people.

On the evening when I watched the beautiful night sky roll out over the Hudson River at Shadows, I tasted a cocktail I’d never heard of and listened as my friend described a preference for the tentacles of calamari over the smooth body. We admired the perfect sear on the tuna and the seasoned salad greens. I even brought up the difference between using romaine lettuce in a salad or small, tender, flavorful salad greens like the ones we were eating. These small details matter to us and to so many people in the food world.

Among the many things that set this college experience apart from others is the fundamental interest in food and beverages that permeates even our social interactions. Sure, there is the house party with really cheap beer and loud music. But if you listen closely, there are two people debating the taste of Pabst Blue Ribbon versus Genesee beer because we care.

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