Sunday, June 30, 2013

new kid on the block

By Student Blogger Leah.

Hey there! I wanted to sneak in an introduction before my next post that will be a collaboration between myself and the talented folks of the Publishing Department presenting my recent travels in China with Chef Cheng for my Food, Wine, and Agriculture (FWA) trip with CIA as part of the bachelor’s program. My job was to take photos and snap a bit of video to capture the wonders of China, and their job is to make my raw material into something cohesive. So, keep your eyes peeled because China is pretty stinkin’ inspiring and I can’t wait to share a bit of her wonder with you.

I’m always a bit awkward when it comes to introductions because I just want to skip right to the comfortable phase of sitting together with something cold to drink or tasty to eat, sharing stories and laughing. In my opinion, introductions and relationships are most fun in person but blogs can offer a unique and very 21st-century opportunity for community. I encourage you to post questions in the comments or suggest areas of CIA that you want to know more about and I’ll see what I can do.

So if we were together right now, I’d shake your hand, look you square in the eye, tell you my name is Leah and make sure I got your name right, and then these are a few of my words that might follow…

At CIA: 8th tern BPS student, Culinary Arts Management (Culinary Arts AOS, 2012)

Post graduation plans: cook

Food I drool over: pulled pork sandwich

Music to cook by: Dave Matthews Band station on Pandora or country radio

Memorable CIA Chefs: Chef Higgins, Chef Phillips, Chef Cheng, Chef McCue, Chef Roe, Chef Velie, Chef Barry, Chef Remolina

When I grow up, I want to be like: Gail Hobbs-Paige (farmer/cheese maker), Chris Capell (BBQ guru), Joel Salatin (farmer/author), Kristen Wiig (comedian/actress), Jason Story (chef/owner/charcuterie guru), Melissa Kelly (James Beard Winner Best Chef Northeast 2013), Wendell Barry (author/philospher/farmer), Alice Waters (chef/educator)

If I’m not cooking: eating, talking, reading, playing outside, watching movies, making lists

Foodie books: The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz, The Savoy Cocktail Book, On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee, Breads from the La Brea Bakery by Nancy Silverton, Moosewood Restaurant Classics

Blogs that I’m lovin’ on: Ideas in Food, King Arthur Flour Baking blog, Eater D.C., 1000 Awesome Things, 101 Cookbooks, The Quenelle, Dinner: A Love Story

Externed at: The Inn at Little Washington

Snack time: smoked almonds, apples/bananas/oranges, yogurt, bread with butter, pickles, an avocado on anything, cookies, a salad, ice cream, you get where I’m going with this...

Rad Restaurants (in my opinion): The Spotted Pig, Woody’s Ice Cream, Shake Shack, Federal Doughnut, Prune, McSorley’s, Ciro’s Pizza, Touch of Naples Pizzeria

To-Do Restaurants: Toki Underground, GBD Fried Chicken and Doughnuts, Good Stuff Eatery, Little Serow, Bar-Mini, PDT, Momofuku Ssam bar

Go-to Ice Cream flavor: cookies and cream

Guilty food pleasure: grocery store sushi

Most influential CIA class: Cuisines of the Americas with Chef Phillips (Associate’s), History of Asia with Dr. Deirdre Murphy (Bachelor’s)

Reason I chose CIA: the view

Inspired by: seasonal produce, a great beer, a good story, hugs, and my family


  1. Loved it! Any chance you could do a detailed post on what a typically daily schedule would be like for a first year student? e.i. the length of classes, how many a day, how much time in between them, size of classes, when we switch schedules, etc. Thanks so much!

    1. Absolutely Kylia, we are on a break from classes right now but class resumes July 30th and I will get a typical day post to you very soon there after. I appreciate your feedback, thank you for the suggestion

    2. Thanks so much, I can't wait to read it! Have a good vacation until then :)

    3. I did the post "a bachelor's life" in response to your inquiry but I just realized that you are interested in a first year student's daily life which I didn't address at all. So sorry. Because the program has changed (schedules, classes, chefs, and instructors) since I went through the program, I am not in a position to tell you what a current first year's typical day is like. Here is a link to a second year student's daily life and aside from the class schedule, I think it is an accurate representation. The class schedule for first year students now is more similar to a standard college where you have semester-like schedule with mon/wed and tue/thur classes. Does that make sense?