Friday, March 15, 2013

The Chowder Cookoff

Everytime I think about the chowder cookoff, or chowder in general, I think about the chowder scene in The Simpsons.

I say it's only appropriate because the Culinary is focused on French technique... then it does a chowder competition.  Anyways, on to more serious matters.

The chowder competition had twelve teams submitting their recipes to see who had the best one.  The field had competitors with a lot of puns in their names, such as  "Flex your Mussels", "Clams with Muscles", and "Soup-A-Stars".

These teams won third and second, respectively.

There were other forms of entertainment during the cookoff.  There were arts and crafts, music from "The Shoemakers" by Chef Kief and Professor Oswald, and the oyster shucking and eating contests, which was emceed by Chef DelleRose, whose food I'll be shooting two weeks from now.  Get excited for that post.

My friend Jordan was in charge of the arts and crafts station.  Props for his blue steel face.

(The Shoemakers)

Chef DelleRose interviewing students.  More like giving them a hard time while being candid.  Whichever works, I suppose.  But it's always in good fun.

For the oyster eating final, here is what the students had to eat.  Spicy oysters.  No.  In fact, really spicy oysters.  Would you eat these for a chance to win a hundred dollars?


And finally, the judge's room.  For me, it's really awesome to see plated versions of the product presented because I always took the product on plastic cups.  It looks weird in a sense, sure.  But I had to prove then that it kind of happened.  For the record, I don't know which team's chowder this was (a fatal journalistic mistake on my part), but I thought it was one of my better shots of the day. So I thought I'd post it here.

This event is just a sample of major events that go on here at the school.  Racheal posted the Bocuse event, which is another major one.  I think it's safe to say that going to these events and blogging about it is, "the most professional way to say YOLO" because we've done these things that only happen once in a lifetime, and have experienced them.

With that said, I'm off to experience more things in this campus.  Ten more weeks until graduation.  It's gonna get more exciting, since I have a lot in my calendar.  Stay tuned!


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