Sunday, March 24, 2013

Apple Pie Bakery Cafe- Back of the house

Everyday after production in BOH Apple Pie Bakery Cafe we either had an hour of critique or lecture. Lecture with Chef Francisco Migoya was very different than our normal baking classes to say the least...

During demo with Chef Migoya we discussed key points in modern food science and new techniques that are big in the food industry right now. Most of our previous classes focused on more traditional methods of doing things, but this gave us an idea of how restaurants like Per Se and The French Laundry create some of their amazing components.

Liquid nitrogen can be used to make the smoothest ice cream or sorbet that you will ever taste! It freezes so quickly it doesn't have time to form the large ice crystals in traditional frozen desserts. 

Liquid nitrogen can also be used to quickly freeze fruits to be pulverized into a powder or broken into pieces.  We froze blood orange and then tapped it slightly and each individual segment separated perfectly.

  We learned a lot about hydrocolloids and gelling agents. Gellan gum, pectin, zanthan gum, guar gum, starches and many others! Hydrocolloids are new to me so I was fascinated at all the " experiments " and new desserts.

I will be putting all of this new information that I learned from Chef Migoya to use in my last block working the pastry line in the new Bocuse Restaurant in 3 weeks!!!!


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