Saturday, February 23, 2013

The New Guy.

This is me.  Four years ago.

I'm Dan.  This is the picture of me getting my scholarship to the Culinary Institute of America.  I'm still shocked to this day that I got it.  After that, it was essentially a goose chase for my start date as I hotly pursued the General Manager and Executive Chef of a country club to give me a job, or else my scholarship would vanish into thin air.

This is me, now.  Longer hair, out of the kitchen, just posing for a picture with Chef Tom Colicchio.

 Between now and four years ago, I wouldn't have imagined that I would ever take on photography.  Right now, I am one of the school's student photographers - some of my work from the Cake Decorating as well as Bachelor's Events are presented in the school's Facebook Page. I am also one of La Papillote's writers and its photographer (now seeking my replacement.) Outside school, I run my own personal blog, (the backstory behind the title is probably hilarious), have the classiest wine dinners with my friends, edit my photography, go to the gym or play for the school's tennis team.

I am genuinely excited to blog for the school as photography has opened a world of opportunity for me, such as meeting well-acclaimed chefs, learning about the principles of mixology and wine, meeting people who have become good friends as well as mentors who have come to appreciate one of my main quirks, which is taking pictures of every plate of food that I have consumed at the school during my associate's degree.

I am also excited because I have given myself so much that I would like to give back.  As the old cliche, or as far as one of Whitney Houston's songs go, "The children are our future" (then again, I'm twenty-two.) .  I would like to show the school's future  what the school can give them in terms of activities or non-scholastic stuff.  I would also like to tell my stories because it would give people something to look foward to, if anything.  I really believe that blogging is an experience, a similar exchange which happens in the dining room.  I believe that as a blogger, we are here to deliver our experiences to those who are interested in reading them, much like cooks prepare what could be a perfect meal, or servers creating what could be the best service ever for a specific customer.

I'm honestly excited to have my first post up, and there will be more to come.  Happy reading!


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