Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Food at the Culinary Institute

I know it's four in the morning, but it's what happens  when I only have two classes for the next three weeks and I'm hooked into listening Spotify and editing my photos.

Typically, there are various kitchens that serve food to the students.  They are:

* Modern Banquet
* A La Carte
* K-16 (Breakfast/Lunch)
* Americas
* Asias
* Meditarranean
* Apple Pie
* St. Andrew's
* American Bounty
* Al Forno
* Caterina D'Medici

Sidenote:  Anything past Meditarranean is a post extern only situation.  For those students, they get one swipe a day to Apple Pie and Al Forno.  Bachelor's students also have this same condition.  Perks of seniority, I suppose.

The other thing that needs to be mentioned is that sometimes, the clock dictates where you eat as certain kitchens open at certain times.  When students start their education here, they'll just know right away that it's a crapshoot.  And a good one, if they're not picky.

In this case, I often wake up at 10 in the morning, get dressed up, eat a banana and guzzle down a bunch of supplements before heading down to eat lunch. When I get to Roth Hall, what's usually open for me are the Meditarranean and Asias kitchens at 11:00 AM.  Since I'm already upstairs, and I know the next kitchens don't open up at 11:30, I always go for Asias.  Here are some pictures from that kitchen:

Pan Fried Trout - Korean Day

Pho - Vietnam Day

Red and Yellow Curry - Thai Day

I might go back again tomorrow and shoot the Pad Thai if I have time.  I'm just having serious cravings.


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