Sunday, January 13, 2013

I passed!

I successfully completed my 5th term Baking and Pastry practical!

It was definitely a lot less stressful than my 1st practical now that I have more confidence in myself now. I could have done much better, but I was more focused on getting everything done in time.

Mousse Cake
I was very pleased with my finished raspberry mousse cake. It was probably the most nerve wracking part about the whole practical since I had only practiced it a few times before

For the challah we had to use a different proofer than we use in breads class so I wasn't familiar with working with the water content or temperature.  I thought my challah was under-proofed when it went in the oven, but yet I got a few points off for it having an alcohol scent (result of over proofing). Since the challah loaves didn't proof properly they were very oddly shaped, too small.  I got a few points off for that as well.



My truffles had scuff marks on them from poor handling while rushing. I plated and replated the truffles several times which is what caused that.  I scaled each truffle individually to 7 grams so I didn't get any points taken off for that!

Overall, the 5th term practical went well. Out of the 19 students in my class, 13 of us passed the whole thing. I'm just glad it's over!

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