Sunday, November 18, 2012

A very "Modern" trip to NYC

One of the greatest things about living in Hyde Park is that it is
only a quick hour and 45 minute trip to the Big Apple.  The CIA organizes
bus trips to the city and other surrounding areas every few weeks. It wasn’t
until just this past month that I started taking advantage of the great deals
the school has to offer. For only ten dollars, the school provided bus
transportation to NYC, a ticket to tour the Museum of Modern Art, and a tour of
Danny Meyer’s The Modern!

The Modern currently holds one Michelin star and is run by
Alsatian-born Executive Chef Gabriel Kreuther. When we arrived, the general
manager, Dino Lavorini greeted us. He shared some really interesting facts about how
the restaurant runs and also gave us a tour of the kitchen! So cool!  The restaurant itself is very modern, but lacks movement and excitement in the décor. The interior designer chose this
approach because they believe the people of the restaurant should bring the
movement and excitement. They use a lot of flowers throughout the restaurant to
add color and the floral arrangements are meant to mimic the changing seasons.

On our tour of the MOMA, we learned that The Modern’s café’s inside of the museum have to use flameless heat so
there is no risk of burning down the museum. We went to Tavern 5 for lunch, one
of two of the inside cafés, and I ordered the butternut squash soup. It was delicious,
by the way, but for such a classy atmosphere it was so funny to see them just
using microwaves.

After lunch at Tavern 5, we ventured back down to have dessert at
The Modern’s Bar Room. We ordered the Artisanal Cheese Tasting Plate, which
included various hard and soft cheeses from all over the world. The Brie was definitely
my favorite!

As compliments from the chef and general manager they brought out
two of their most popular items, The Alsatian thin crust tarts. Yum!

Tarte Flambée with crème fraîche, onion and applewood-smoked bacon

Tarte Flambée with hen of the woods mushrooms, chive and Alsatian munster cheese

For dessert, we all chose something different off of the menu so we
could try everything! The desserts were beautifully plated and the quenelles
were some of the best I have ever seen.

Pistachio Dark Chocolate Dome with pistachio ice cream and amaretto

Apple Strudel with prune Armagnac ice cream

Modern Cheesecake with almond crumble, huckleberry and fromage blanc sorbet

Pistachio Dacquoise with Caramelia-passion fruit ganache and milk
chocolate Chantilly

Dark Chocolate Tart with chocolate ice cream

Pumpkin and Squash Trifle with carrot gelée and speculoos cookie

After a long day at
the MOMA, window shopping, and checking out the boutiques at Bryant Park, we decided to end the day with some Korean noodle soup from Son Ja Jang, a handmade noodle restaurant located in the heart of Korea town.

As soon as
we walked in I knew we had made a good choice.  The restaurant was
bustling with smiling family’s enjoying Korean barbeque over their own personal
gas stoves.  I ordered spicy noodle soup with beef and my vegetarian
friend, Liz, ordered vegetable noodle soup with kimchi. Both were served piping
hot in a bowl big enough to serve two.

Liz enjoying her noodle soup!

Before our meals came out, we enjoyed a variety of Korean favorites. A bean sprout salad, kimchi, raw onion and yellow radish with bean paste, and a few other delicious sides.

This exceptionally tasty meal came out to be only $11.50 a person. I can’t wait to
go back and try the Korean barbeque. The CIA’s trips to the city are always an adventure and I already bought my ticket to go on the next trip to see The Rockettes at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!


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