Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Class That Will Make A Mark in History


I have always explained things better in writing. If I were to recite this out loud, I’d be crying by the second paragraph. With that said, I would like to take up this space in the newspaper to say good luck and “see you later” to those who have embarked on this journey with me for the past three years of school.

Graduating Associates isn’t as rough, especially when the Bachelor’s start date is right around the corner. Sure, each curriculum is different but there is a guarantee for new, exciting classes and travels in the BPS program. People always tend to scare high school students, telling them that they are about to enter the real world when moving into a university. Let me tell you, being a college student, especially when living on campus, is no comparison to reality in the workforce.

The thought of graduating is scary, exciting and emotional all at once. I’m not going to lie, I get anxious going to sleep sometimes, wondering where I will be in the next five years and how I will ever pay the rent in New York City to work amongst some of the best Chefs. I always remind myself though; I have worked to earn the best foundation anybody could ever ask for, a degree in Culinary Arts Management from The Culinary Institute of America.

I am young, and I keep reminding others of that as well. The future is full of endless possibilities in this industry and I am sure that all of us will be
successful in our careers. Why? Because we are prepared for what is coming. I respect every single person that is graduating with me for getting this far along the line. We all know of people who have dropped out, given up, changed careers, etc. because cooking or baking was just too difficult. Well guess what folks, we did it and now it’s time
to make it big.

Congratulations to my graduating class of October 18th, 2012. I will miss you all so much and I hope that we will all run into one another in the future (it seems to be a theme in this industry). My advice to myself and to others is to stay determined and strong, always leave your mark and make yourself be known. We are a family bonded by education like no other. Stay curious and be well! A presto…

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