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Leadership Qualities in the Food Industry...

The Graduating Bachelors Class of 10/18/12

My Leadership and Ethics teacher assigned this essay to the class for our final paper. I thought it would be a good idea to share my words with you all because I think that it is important to evaluate ourselves in this business, especially upon graduating and moving into the real world. The assignment was to rank ourselves on a scale from 1-10 based on the attributes I list. Thanks for listening and I hope this inspires you all to do a self reflection once in a while!

Giulianna's Leadership Quality Assesment

    Vision, ability,
enthusiasm, stability, concern for others, self-confidence, persistence,
vitality, charisma and integrity are all factors of a good leader. While I am
in strong in some of these categories, there are definitely some qualities of
being a leader that I can work towards.

 I have always had a bold vision ever since I was a young girl. From high school
on, I have  strived to leave a mark in history wherever I was working or
living. Whether it is applying for a respected position in a job,
excelling in classes or volunteering, leaders need to have drive and a goal to
work towards. I would rate myself a “9” for vision because my dreams are always
in the back of my mind, motivating me to be the best.

As for ability, I believe this attribute requires experience. Sure, many have the
ability to pursue anything they want, but practice and skills strengthens
ability. In this category, I am probably a “7” because I can always improve on
any given task.

Optimism is key for success, even in the toughest of times. In regards to enthusiasm, I
would be ranked an “8” because I do try my best to look at the “big picture”
but it is hard to avoid the challenges along the way and not be distracted.

Out of all of the characteristics of a good leader, my stability is probably the
lowest number (I would say around a “6”). I do not like change and am not
afraid in admitting that. Yet, there is nothing I can do about it. It takes me
awhile to emotionally adjust to new environments, friends, work settings, etc.

I have always showcased a “10” in concern for others. I try my best never to hold
grudges and I do like to think that I forgive people, perhaps too often. In
this industry though, maintaining good ties with everyone in the business is

My self confidence level would be around an “8”. I am a strong woman but there are
particular situations that I get mad at myself for, which makes me reflect on
my actions in the past. These past occurrences do lower my self-confidence but
I always remind myself about my wonderful family and the people who raised me.

Persistence-wise, I am a definite “10”. Throughout the last few years, especially in college, I have never given up on a goal. Whether it was a job, a boy, a grade, a
scholarship, I did whatever it took to get what I wanted. Yes, it may sound a
bit conceded, but my determination is what makes me that much stronger.

Vitality is essential in surviving because without stamina and adrenaline, it is hard to
stay energized and enthusiastic. I would be a “9” in this field because my
strength usually overpowers my feelings, but there is always room to grow.

I always try to work on my charisma, especially being in the hospitality
industry. It’s important to be energetic and have the ability to attract
others. As for now, I am most likely an “8” but am hoping to reach that “9-10”
range in the future as a role model.

Integrity is probably the most difficult attribute to a good leader. It is hard for me to
trust and rely on others. This inhibits me from being honest and opening up to
many people. Yet, I find myself having more and more courage and faith in
others day after day. I would rank myself a “7” in this section.

Overall, my total is an 82 (a high or very-good leader). I believe that my struggles,
work experience and lifestyle have gotten me to this number. My goal is to stay
at this point or above, reaching the exceptional potential to lead others in
the future.

    It was a pleasure writing for you all on the CIA blog! Best of luck to my classmates in the graduating class of October 18th, 2012! Stay strong CIA...


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