Monday, September 10, 2012

CIA Senior Class Charity Events: La Mesa, Latin American Table

The CIA Bachelor's Program not only offers students a well-rounded finish to their stay at The Culinary, but also gives them an opportunity to run an event from start to finish, all on their own... and it benefits charity, too!

This upcoming weekend, on Saturday September 15th at 6:00 PM, the CIA's Senior Bachelor's Class will hold its second annual charity event.

This event will be the second out of five unique dinners, all featuring different themes, fantastic dining, and great entertainment. 

Last weekend, the first event, "Boat on the Bayou, Dinner in the Quarter", was held, and 100 happy patrons left with their bellies full of delicious New Orleans-inspired food, after a boat tour on the Hudson River.

As a CIA Senior, I felt the need to "plug" the next event, since it is my own!

As I mentioned before, each senior must participate in a class called Food Service Management. Besides discussing the ins and outs of running, owning, and purchasing a restaurant, we must get a small taste of all of this by dreaming up, and executing, our own charity event.

My class decided to pay homage to the vast flavors and cuisines of Latin America, by taking traditional food and giving it a unique twist. La Mesa, Latin American Table will feature the food and ingredients of today's Latin American culture, and present it in a way that you will only find in the most fabulous restaurants across the country. We will also be donating the proceeds to Freedom 4/24, and the Bob Briggs Memorial Scholarship. 

So how do we execute an event like this?

Each class is faced with quite a daunting task, since each event is slated to feed up to 100 guests, and must include a silent auction, three-to-four-course meal, decorations, impeccable service, and a sound base for raising money for their chosen charities. 

Students must choose whether they want to be a part of the front or back of house team, and then leadership positions are chosen from there. The back of the house team must design a multi-course menu, which must then be recipe tested, properly ordered for, and executed the night of the event. The front of the house team is responsible for organizing all of the decorations, service, plates, linens, napkins, glassware, etc. We also elected beverage, marketing, finance, silent auction, and reservations teams as well.

PHEW! So much work!

I decided to be a part of the Back of House team, and was elected Pastry Chef. Heading up the design of an intermezzo, plated dessert, showpiece, and some sweet giveaways were only a few of the tasks I was faced with as a leader. I also was required to submit all of the orders for products, make sure my team had all of the ingredients and equipment needed, and organize each component of each dish, making sure it will be properly executed the day of the event.  

We are only a few days away from the actual event, and I am so excited to see everything come to fruition! All of the stress will be worth it once we see the smiles of contented guests, happy charities, and relieved students. 

Please consider supporting these amazing charities, and the October 18th, 2012 Senior Class of the Culinary Institute of America!

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Stay Hungry and Curious,

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