Monday, August 6, 2012

Why Pick The CIA?


My Associate's Graduation in May 2011.

The Culinary Institute of America. The school’s name is bold as is. Yet, why is our school so popular amongst restaurateurs and leaders in the food industry? Are there better culinary schools out there for high school students and career-changers to apply to?

I can think of a whole list of reasons why the CIA is the best of its’ kind. However, I can also recite why other culinary colleges are well-respected and hold a purpose when it comes to developing a culinary education. CIA is not just about learning how to cook and bake though, the overall experience revolves around networking.

Basic fundamentals and techniques can be taught at any culinary school. At the CIA, students not only learn how to apply their skills in the kitchen, but they learn how to showcase such talent in securing jobs for externship and post-graduation.

The career fairs and scholarship opportunities on campus are incredible. There are various amounts of grants, awards and money donated to the college in hopes of encouraging students to travel, study abroad and invest money in their major of choice (culinary or baking).

When I was in Italy for the G.R.I. scholarship, the CIA was well-known by restaurant owners in small towns across the East Coast of Le Marche. As soon as they heard, “CIA”, their eyes lit up as if the CIA students on the trip were famous. It is true, just the name itself can make a big impact on a Chef. Why? Because they are familiar with the school’s title and reputation internationally through occurrences such as Bocuse d’Or, the Singapore campus and European Food, Wine and Agriculture tours.

Having the CIA stamped on your diploma is huge. Going to this school makes or breaks a job interview. This institute persuades recruiters to take in CIA graduates and trust them in advancing within management positions. This school influences students to color outside of the lines and explore the oddest jobs in the industry. This brotherhood is unlike any of its’ kind and believe me, even in fine-dining restaurants, you will most likely recognize a friendly face from a customer or co-worker who went to the CIA. When it does indeed happen, just smile and know that you both experienced the ultimate CIA journey.


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