Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer in Poughkeepsie

Students at the Hyde Park Campus are just hours away from summer break,

and the excitement can be felt all throughout the campus!

Before I officially say goodbye for the next three weeks, I still wanted to share a very local and food-filled experience I had last weekend, in the small town of Rhinebeck. Rhinebeck is an up-scale yet quaint town located a short and scenic fifteen minutes from the CIA, and is a great place to eat, shop, and explore.

Each Sunday, Rhinebeck hosts the Rhinebeck Farmer's Market, which features many local farms, wineries, bakeries, and more, selling their produce and other goods!

I visited with a friend, and after a delicious breakfast at Bread Alone Bakery (another Rhinebeck favorite), we ventured down the street where the market was set up, gazing at the rows upon rows of fresh fruits, vegetables, and even falafel :)

Besides supporting local farms, eating local produce, and helping support and stimulate the local economy, shopping at a Farmer's market is just plain fun to do, and I love to make a game out of planning dinner from the ingredients available there. Among our purchases were some bulb onions, corn, arugula, raw honey, and some beautiful plums and apricots (I'm a sucker for gorgeous produce!).  We also enjoyed some yummy blackcurrant juice sweetened with the honey from the Raw Honey stand. Yummmm!

So I mentioned summer break earlier. What do CIA students do on their three-week break? Some are already on their way home, taking planes, trains, and taxis all over the country to get to their desired destinations. Some are still in class as I type :) 

Many students choose to spend their summers at home with their families, possibly taking a vacation or seeing friends from years past. Others decide to take the three weeks and travel, hitting all of the major foodie cities, such as New York, Washington D.C., and Boston. Some just want to see where the adventure takes them!

Since a lot of my fellow students will be graduating soon, they are choosing to spend time staging at restaurants all over the country. A stage is basically a day of working in a restaurant of your choosing, whether it be for the experience, to build your resume, or because you really want to work there in the future. Most restaurants will give you a stage; one simply needs to ask and a date will be set up! With staging, aiming big is never a problem. Many students can get a stage at The French Laundry, Per Se, Daniel, or Eleven Madison by just politely contacting the right people, and following up.

I will be spending my break at home, enjoying the company of friends and family. Since I live in the Central PA area, I will for sure be making a day of Hershey Park, and I also plan to head to DC/ Virginia to visit some family.

No matter what you do this July, be sure to enjoy the company of great friends, and enjoy the bounty that summer has to offer!
I wish you all a beautiful month of rest and relaxation, and a Happy Break to all CIA students, past present and future!

Stay Hungry and Curious,

Blayre :) 

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