Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wine Master Doug Frost Visits the CIA

At the Culinary, we take our wine seriously.

As a student at the CIA, you are given the opportunity to become quite the expert on wine and spirits.
All students receive a three-week intensive wines course in the Associates Degree, which covers the growing, making, bottling, and selling of wine.For those who want a more in-depth look on the subject, the school offers an Advanced Wines class in the Bachelors program, as well as several other beverage classes including Beverage Management, Spirits & Mixology, and Brewed (the culture and brewing of beer).
The knowledge that we receive in these categories allows us to go out and conquer the beverage world! Many students graduate and move on with the intention of being specialists in Beverage Management, and end up selling wine, designing wine lists, and working with some of the top people in their field!
The students in the Wines and Advanced Wines classes got the opportunity to meet one of these industry greats on Wednesday, May 2nd.

Doug Frost is one of three people in the World to receive both a Master Sommelier and Master of Wine titles.

So, what exactly does that mean?
To break it down, those who choose to devote their lives to wine usually choose one of two organizations in which they will become certified through various examinations. The first is the Court of Master Sommeliers, which requires four levels of rigorous testing and tasting in order to become a Master Sommelier. The other route is the Institute of Masters of Wine, where you must first take the IMW’s Study Program (which is aimed at professionals in the wine industry), and then pass an extremely difficult examination.

Either route will produce an individual with an immense amount of knowledge about wine…so you can imagine how much knowledge and experience Mr. Frost has swimming around in that head of his!

Greek Wine is what brought him to the CIA on this particular day, and this is one of his many specialties. A room full of eager CIA students rushed around setting up eight glasses, and pouring various white and red wines that Mr. Frost had brought with him for us to taste and analyze.

After the wine was poured and everyone was seated, he encouraged us to taste and analyze the wines at our own pace, recording which ones we liked better and why, while he gave us a history lesson on Greek wine.

The entire lecture was high energy and chock full of interesting information on Greek grapes (some with too many letters for me to write in this post!), growing methods (did you know that they grow grapes literally on the ground in some areas of Greece?), and wine and food pairings.

All in all, the presence of Doug Frost was, at first, a scary thing, due to his titles and extensive knowledge. However, once he started teaching, every student in the room was put at ease…this guy is really awesome!


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