Monday, May 21, 2012

Big Changes to the CIA Bachelors Program!

Things are always changing here at the Culinary,

and the most recent changes have begun to take shape for future CIA Bachelors students!

Faculty and Administration has held many info sessions with current bachelors students to find out what they think would be positive changes and additions to the program as it is now. In my opinion, they have really listened, and students that plan on staying here to obtain their bachelors degree are in for a treat, and many options.

As a current bachelors student, I was in the first group of people that was allowed the complete freedom of choosing which classes I wanted to take, and when I wanted to take them. Students prior to myself were confined to a pre-set schedule. My experience allowed me to pick and choose the classes that best suited me, including more specialized electives. I was also able to take my Food, Wine & Agriculture trip abroad (read my post about this experience here).

During this time, the CIA Administration has been "cooking up" some new experiences that will enhance the current program. For example, what if students want to specialize their degree? What about more work-study or study abroad options? And with this new program, won't more students be interested, therefore requiring more housing?

Check, check, and check. They figured it all out :)

Along with the options I mentioned above, future Bachelors students will have the opportunity to focus their degree in a chosen course of study, as well as spend time in California reinforcing that choice. This gives them experience both mentally and physically, which heightens their learning experience.

The first chosen course of study that students can choose from is one in Advanced Wines and Beverages. Students can already take classes focused in Advanced Wines, Spirits & Mixology, and Beer. This degree will also allow students to take advanced Front of the House training, and travel to California for either their Junior or Senior year to take hands-on classes and work with some of the biggest names in the Wine and Beverage Industry.

The second chosen course of study focuses on Farm to Table cuisine. With the huge health craze and America's desire for healthier and sourced produce, this style of cooking and eating has become the next big thing in our industry. Students with an interest in Farm to Table cuisine will be able to obtain more hours in the kitchen as well as the classroom regarding this subject. They too will be able to visit California for a semester, working with Culinary Director Larry Forgione, other star chefs, and CIA faculty via live demonstrations, video feeds, and hands-on classes. They will also be demonstrating their skills in periodic "concert nights", where the community can witness what they have learned.

So, now that these fascinating new programs are about to be implemented, where will be housing all of the interested students?

The Townhouses, that's where!
After polling the student body, the Administration received a response suggesting that more "communal-stye" housing be created. With that, they immediately set to work in designing the new townhouses, the first of which is slated to open on June 6th. These coed dorms will house eight people to an "apartment", with a communal kitchen, living area, and bathroom, and then split them up for rooming purposes. Students are allowed to choose their house-mates, and there is already a stir going on around campus; students are excited for these changes!

As you can see, some super changes are being made here at the CIA. Maybe you can book a tour soon to see them for yourself!

Stay hungry and curious,

Blayre :)

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