Sunday, April 29, 2012

Off Campus: Historic Hyde Park

Did you know that before the CIA was the World's Premier Culinary College, we were home to a Jesuit Seminary called St. Andrews on the Hudson?

The area of Hyde Park, NY is truly a history buff's dream,

and the CIA is not the only thing that makes it so.

When perspective students come to the area to visit the CIA, they might want to check out some other interesting and historical places that lie only five minutesor so from campus.

I've put together a small list of unique places to discover when you come to the area. All of these spots are great for day trips with the family, and offer some more historical information on the Hyde Park Area besides visiting the school itself.

The Roosevelt Mansion:

    This is the home of the only President elected for four terms, Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Roosevelt Mansion, otherwise known as Springwood, was near and dear to FDR's heart, and one of the only places he considered home. If you just want to pass through, the burial site and rose gardens are open for free from dawn to dusk. On the other hand, tickets are $14 and include two-day admission to the house as well as admission to the Presidential Library and Museum.

Vanderbilt Mansion:

    This is one of the smaller homes owned by the Vanderbilt family, known as their "summer cottage" (although those who visit the house will think otherwise, since it's a stunning gilded-age structure that looks almost like a stately bank or government building!). The property is a sprawling 200 acres of gardens, bike paths, walkways, and scenic river views that offer picturesque spots to picnic or have a fun afternoon with your friends. You can even take a tree-lined walk right down to the banks of the Hudson River. The Vanderbilt grounds are free to visit, but if you want to take the 45 minute tour of  the house, it costs $8 a person (children 15 and under are free).

Walkway Over the Hudson:

    This suspension bridge, which used to be an old railroad bridge, was transformed into a public park in 2009, and passes directly over the Hudson River. The 1.23 mile-long bridge is the perfect thing for a beautiful spring day, and it offers spectacular views of the River, as well as the buildings and houses that lie on either side of it. Admission is free, and feel free to bring your dog to enjoy the stroll with you!

Eveready Diner:

    When your day trip is complete, be sure to stop at one of the most popular Hyde Park dining establishments, the Eveready Diner, for a bite to eat. This classic American-style diner is the real deal, and serves anything you could ever want, from stacks of light and fluffy pancakes, to slabs of tender meatloaf, to massive brownie sundaes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served 24 hours a day, and will not disappoint!

I hope that this list has inspired you to check out the Hyde Park area. 
So after you've had your breakfast at the Eveready and spent the day visiting the historic sites,
make sure to book a reservation at our on-campus restaurants
and make the day even more memorable! 

stay hungry and curious,

Blayre :)

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