Sunday, April 22, 2012

CIA Dining Spotlight: Apple Pie Bakery & Cafe

If you're looking for some great pastries for breakfast,
a scrumptious lunch,
or a cake or pie to take home to Mom,
then the Apple Pie Bakery & Cafe is the place to be!

The bakery is one of five student-run restaurants here on the CIA campus, and the only establishment currently operated by students in the Baking and Pastry Arts program.

    As a Baking and Pastry student, the Apple Pie is one of the capstone classes that students pursuing their Associates degree are required to complete. Today, I will explain what life is like at the Apple Pie, and fill you in on what they serve so you can go and experience it yourself!

    Baking and Pastry students spend a total of six weeks working in the bakery, or "Apple Pie" as it is fondly known. Three of these weeks are focused on working in the back of the house and producing all of the products that are served to Apple Pie customers. The next  three weeks are then spent in the front of the house learning how to serve tables, expedite orders, and interact with customers. 
Apple Pie's ultimate Mac & Cheese

    During their three weeks in the back of the house, students can choose to specialize in either Breads, Pastry, or Savory food production. Those in the Breads section produce all of the bread products, cookies, muffins, and laminated pastries that are served in the cafe. Those in the Pastry section produce all of the small cakes, chocolates, macaroons, and specialty desserts. Lastly, those in the Savory section produce all of the food available for lunch in the cafe and work the savory line which composes and plates each item. 

    In the front of the house, students can choose from one of many stations that work together successfully to make the Cafe run at its' fullest potential. Whether working the Barista station making lattes, expediting all of the savory food, or serving and clearning tables, students are able to interact with Cafe guests and learn the important aspect of hospitality in a real setting. 

    All of the food creations that are served at the Apple Pie are dreamt up by the talented Chef Fransisco Migoya. Besides being trained extensively in both savory and pastry, Chef worked as the Executive Pastry Chef at Thomas Keller's French Laundry, as well as Buchon Bakery. He is the creative mind behind all of the bread, pastry, and savory products that are served in the cafe. Front of the House operations are handled by Maitre d'Instructor, Mauro Sessarego. Professor Sessarego's impeccable hospitality skills came from working many years in both Italy and the United States, including managing the World famous Harry's Bar in Genoa.

The Apple Pie Bakery is open from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, and they serve lunch from 11AM until close. If you are interested in more information, visit Apple Pie's web pageFacebook page, or give them a call at 845-905-4500.
Be sure to visit this scrumptious eatery and see all of the magic yourself!

Stay hungry and curious,

Blayre :)

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