Friday, February 17, 2012

Welcome Home!: CIA Student Housing

What is it like to live on the CIA campus?

 What will my room look like? How big will it be? Is it like a real college? Where do I keep all of my stuff? What about laundry? So many questions!

I have been a Resident Assistant here at the CIA for almost 2 1/2 years now and I think I've become pretty good at letting people know what it's like to live on campus. This post will hopefully start to answer some of those questions!

[Here at the Culinary, we have four Residence Halls as well as six Addirondack-style Lodges where students can live.]
[all photos of the residence halls were taken from the CIA facebook page] 

Hudson Hall (#11 on map)

Hudson is where many first-year CIA students reside. If you live in Hudson, you will either share a room with two, three, or four people. There are also a few single rooms. The majority of the rooms are double-occupancy, and the school is in the process of removing the triple and quadruple-occupancy rooms with the addition of future student housing. Hudson is the only residence hall with communal bathrooms (which may sound like a bad thing, but it's less for you to clean!). It is the closest residence hall to the library, and it is located very close to Roth Hall as well. The best part about Hudson is the community. Everyone is so excited to finally be students of the CIA. You meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends here!

Angell Hall, Pick-Herndon Hall, Rosenthal Hall (#13, 14, & 15 on the map)

I have chosen to group Angell, Pick, and Rosie (as they are affectionately called here at the CIA) because they are very similar in composition. They are mainly comprised of double-occupancy rooms, with some triple-occupancy rooms thrown in here and there. Again, we are in the process of de-tripling the residence halls with the future addition of more campus housing. Angell and Pick are located just steps from Roth Hall, while Rosenthal has a small walkway over the lake in the center of campus for quicker access to the main building. Rosenthal is also the closest to the Student Recreation Center. 

The Lodges (Cinnamon, Juniper, Nutmeg, Clove, Ginger and Cayenne, #17-22 on the map)

The Lodges are home to post-externship students all the way to students in the Bachelors program. Each Lodge is different, and can have many different types of rooms ranging from single-occupancy to triple-occupancy. Here, rooms are grouped into "suites". Each suite has a bathroom and a common area, and then each room opens up from there. Although the Lodges are the furthest from Roth Hall, the distance is only about five minutes (plus they are the closest to the parking lots!). 

Average CIA dorm room:

This is an average double-occupancy room here at the CIA. The rooms here are spacious, even more so than a room at another college, and all of your furniature is provided. As you can see here, besides a bed and a desk, rooms usually come with either a wardrobe, closet, or a large chest of drawers for storage. There is also room for storage underneath your bed! Stay tuned for a post that goes more in-depth about your dorm room, as well as what you should (and shouldn't) bring when you live on campus.

Other perks of on-campus living:

Every Residence Hall on campus has four main things:
  • Laundry facilities: these are coinless (free!!!) and available 24-hours 

  • Student Lounge: this is an area where you can hang out, let off some steam, have a group meeting, or play some video games. Hudson Hall is home to the Renaissance Lounge, which is a large space where many campus events are held (and it has a huge video screen that students are welcome to use). The lounges in Angell, Pick-Herndon, and Rosenthal all have a TV and comfy couches for relaxing. Each Lodge has a common area with a TV, tables, and couches
  • Computer Lab: don't have a laptop? Not to worry! Each hall has a computer lab with 6 or more internet-capable computers, available 24/7.

  • Kitchen: Of course, what's a culinary school without kitchens right down the hall?! Practice your brunoise, make a four-course meal, or just pop some popcorn in any of our Residence Hall kitchens. Basic equipment (ranges, microwave, fridge and freezer, sink) is provided, so make sure to bring your own pots and pans. 

Hopefully this has helped you get a bigger picture of what living in our Residence Halls is like!
Like I mentioned before, I will continue to post about campus living so all of your questions will eventually be answered.

Since this post was published, the CIA has also added townhouses. For a complete listing of available housing, visit our website for a complete list of Residence Halls.

stay hungry and curious,

Blayre :) 


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