Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Blogspiration": The Art of Food on the Web

Food is Life...

This is one of our mantras here at the CIA, and it holds true in every facet of our industry and our lives as future chefs. 

Recently, I've noticed a huge trend happening on the web...people everywhere have caught the food love bug, and they are blogging about it!

Some of the best advice I can offer to prospective students (and even current students and industry professionals) is to take advantage of the sharing of massive amounts of food knowledge online. Start Googling and find the blog of someone with the same interest as you! I have gotten so many interesting ideas for wedding cakes (my future profession) from hitting the blogs and seeing what other creative people are doing!

For those of you who want to attend the CIA: search for blogs written by CIA students. There are plenty of current students who blog about their personal experiences at school. Also, use the blogs of famous chefs, writers, and enthusiasts as inspiration. They can teach you a few things before you arrive on campus!

For those of you who are current students OR work in the industry: consider starting a blog and sharing your knowledge with others! There are a lot of foodies out there who have great blogs, but don't always have the training to back it up. It is always great to see talented chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, nutritionists, photographers, and so many more who can give their professional perspective.


Let me help you get started...
                        here are some great blogs for you to check out!

Some veteran bloggers: 
Chez Pim:

You might have seen Pim judging an Iron Chef competition, on the show Food(ography) or even cooking with Martha Stewart. Her blog is one of the first well-known food blogs (#6 of the World's 50 best food blogs... not to shabby Ms. Pim). Her blog ranges from pad thai and curry, to macaroons and marmalades, and surely won't disappoint! 

David Lebovitz:

    I discovered David when I noticed his Ready for Dessert book in the CIA bookstore. All I can say is as soon as I saw the book's front cover, which depicts a chocolate cake being covered in chocolate ganache, I was sold. David previously worked in the pastry section at Chez Panisse, and has done extensive traveling in Paris, France. His knowledge of all thing sweet is indispensable, and many of his scrumptious recipes can be found on his blog as well! 

Get Cookin':
Matt Bites:

For those of you interested in food photography, Matt Bites is a must-read blog. Matt is lovable, goofy, and extremely passionate about food, plus he's one of Martha Stewart's favorite bloggers. Check out his quirky musings on food and life in this creative blog!

Cooking with Amy:

    One of Saveur's "Sites we Love", and one of Forbes' top five food blogs, Cooking with Amy will solve your every foodie desire. Chock full of family recipes, food and product reviews and travel experiences, Cooking with Amy will interest anyone in the food industry!

For the Sweet Tooth:
Brave Tart:

Pastry chef at Lexington KY's Table 310 and graduate of our very own Culinary Institute, blogger Stella     Parks shares recipes for unique sweets (she even makes her own sprinkles!) which are beautifully     photographed by her friend and food photographer, Stephen Weber. She is living proof that our alumni     can do great things. I will be bookmarking this blog in my favorites for sure!


    This blog, written by Canadian-based photographer and cake-lover Rosie Alyea, has been one of my     favorites for over a year. Rosie is the creator of some of the best cake recipes I've ever tried, and she spends hours upon hours to make them taste and look amazing. Plus, her photographs (especially the ones of her two gorgeous little daughters...oh, and the cakes), are worth checking out!


 I hope these blogs tickle your taste buds and set you a-clicking for more!

stay hungry and curious,
Blayre :) 

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