Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meet the Bloggers: Blayre

Hi! I'm Blayre

and I'm one of the bloggers for the CIA's blog, Our Life of Food. 

A little about me:

-I am 21 years old and I grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Being from a large Italian family, my life was always centered around food, and when I visited the CIA in 8th grade, I knew that this was the school for me. I graduated from the CIA with my Associates in Baking and Pastry Arts in May of 2011, and I am currently in my Junior year of the Bachelors program.

I am involved with many things here on the CIA campus, and I soak up every minute of it. Besides being a full-time student...

1)I am a Resident Assistant in the Lodges (one of our five Residence Halls here on campus)

2)I am a Copy Editor for our school newspaper, La Papillote, and I write a food-review for each issue.          

3)I am an employee at the Apple Pie Bakery Cafe, which is one of our five student-run restaurants here on campus.

Phew! As you can see, I'm a busy girl. But most people at the CIA are! After all, the culinary industry is extremely fast-paced, so we are all used to "filling our plates" with tons of different things to do.

I look forward to giving you the scoop on everything there is to know when it comes to the CIA!

Stay hungry and curious,

Blayre :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome to The Culinary Institute of America





Our Beautiful Campus


Who Wouldn't Want to Come Here?

Our CIA Sport Team's Are Called The Steels because we are Sharper than our Opponents (corny but true)



Some of our graduates from the Associates Program looking Happy As Ever!

These are Just a FEW of the Famous Chefs that have Graduated from the CIA. Are you next?


Look how Happy these students are heading to class.

So come join us for some fun and of course FOOD!